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Digital Marketing

Digital Transformation: What, Why, and How—Part II

In the first part of this article, we spoke about what is Digital Marketing and some of the facts and statistics of this industry. In the second part, we would be looking at some of the catalysts, inhibitors, and brief journey of the digital marketing process.

The journey of digital marketing process:

  1. Strategy: This is the initial and biggest step towards starting digital. It makes use of the existing technologies but with newer and long lasting changes.
  2. Delivery: This process is about delivering digital strategies and models, which is essential for any online business to succeed.
  3. Transform: The final step is for innovating the business. Transformation helps in understanding how much of technology can be used to make a business successful.

Now, that the process of digital transformation is clear, let’s look at some of the inhibiting and catalyzing factors in digital transformation.

Catalyzing Factors:

  • Digital lead: This catalyst helps accelerate the process of going digital by helping business implement a top-down approach fused with internal collaboration
  • Digital Darwinism: With Darwinism, companies can now choose to adapt to the new digital channels and upcoming technologies
  • Digital Customer: It helps to focus on the new customers and their journey, therefore, promoting the entire process of digital transformation
  • Digital Behavior: Digital behavior provides more options to overlook the crucial aspects of business, thereby increasing the ability to reach goals and profits.

Inhibiting Factors:

  • Information: Without proper information amongst the employees, no one can successfully understand or implement digital transformation. Thus the lack of information proves to be an inhibiting factor.
  • Vision: A restricted vision is one of the biggest inhibiting factors. It stunts the growth and development of employees, especially when it comes to seniors because they need to have a proper vision.
  • Data: Numbers and data are the things nowadays and as a matter of fact important too. Without proper data, any business would fail to achieve success. Every business needs an actionable insight across all the different levels of business.
  • Cause: Businesses lack dedicated resources for technology, and this proves to be one of the biggest inhibiting factors. Without investing resources or technology, businesses find it difficult to grow.

Considering both these factors, it brings us to the next big question, why is digital transformation required? Only to follow the latest market trends or it has become the way of business now. We will take a closer look at all these things in the third part of our article.

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