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Digital Experience: 3 of the Best Mobile Applications to Improve Digital Marketing

One of the primary sources of stress for online marketers today is the lack of work and life balance. If you have any idea what the online business industry is all about, then you’ll know that it’s not easy to handle one. Success doesn’t come overnight. It requires a lot of time, investment, and effort, especially in the marketing industry.

With technology today, modern online marketers can collect huge benefits from mobile applications. Using online marketing software is becoming popular nowadays, and they’re increasingly available in the application form.  This way, it’s much easier for the website owners to work efficiently with just using their phones.

Imagine having all your tools installed on your mobile phone, from tracking campaign metrics to uploading blog posts. These applications allow online marketers to access everything with ease. With all the digital marketing applications available, which tool do you think is the best for you? Here’s a list to choose from.

Buddhify Application

Buddhify is one of the digital marketing wellness applications which helps ease stress. According to BuzzFeed, they named Buddhify as the number one application to promote mental relaxation. It comes with an appealing user interface packed with over 85 meditations, including “Work Break.” It’s a track that you could use while meditating.

On the other hand, a track called “Ready” is what most digital marketers use to help them concentrate. It’s a guided meditation that’s perfect when you’re getting ready for a presentation such as, public speaking, conference, or meeting. In short, you may need this when you want to be at your best.

There are many tracks Buddhify could offer for an online marketer to be the best in their field. In addition to that, there are also tracks suitable for digital marketers such as Waking Up, Feeling Stressed, Going Online, and Going to Sleep. Therefore, if you think you need to take a break from your work and hectic schedule, then use Buddhify to ease all your worries.

Buffer Application

When it comes to marketing, social media is one of the most decisive factors for success. If you analyze everything from the number of likes and hearts, you get to the number of tweets is a total waste of time. With Buffer, you can manage all your social media activity without hassle. In other words, this tool lets you manage your accounts in one place.

If you’re an online marketer, you can use Buffer as your primary social media and website manager. If you’re worried about posting updates on your accounts, then let Buffer do the work. Use this tool to publish updates on your social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, and many more.

Buffer is one of the best analytics applications that could improve marketing campaigns. It provides your app with built-in analytics to help you with your concern. This way, you won’t have any problem tracking the content that connects with your customers on different accounts in one go.

Mashable Application

Mashable is one of the best applications when it comes to digital developments. It delivers the latest news on any information related to the digital industry. These pieces of information include the most recent update on social networking, applications, mobile info, technology, and other general-related updates.

It also allows you to use multiple tabs showing a complete breakdown of channels that you can configure by tag, author, and category. Mashable also alerts digital marketers to the most read blogs and works across tablets and smartphones. This tool is user-friendly, so you won’t have to worry about getting confused with its features.

If your goal is to be one of the best online marketers in the digital marketing industry, then you can get this application. It also allows you to follow news about the marketing industry before it breaks. This way, you won’t be left alone in the dark, and you can quickly get ahead with your competitors.


The digital marketing world is a vast and complicated industry. Being in a large industry means you have a lot of competitors in your area. If you’re aspiring to be the best, then let these tools and other digital marketing services help you with your journey and improve your digital marketing strategy.

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Psalm Papio is a freelance writer who is interested in writing about lifestyle and home-related articles. During his free time, he loves playing different musical instruments like guitar, piano, and drums.

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