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Curious about Random Video Chats? Here’s Why You’ll Love Them

Variety is the spice of life, they say – and most people probably wouldn’t mind a little more variety in their own lives. If your social life could use a pick-me-up, maybe it’s time to try random video chatting.

With all the options for random video chats, it can feel a little confusing as you decide which one to pick – but fear not. As long as you pick one that gets a few key features right, you won’t have to wonder if you’ve really chosen the right option.

What would these key features be? First of all, pick a video chat site that lets you register for free, like Chatrandom. Some sites require all their members to pay before joining, some of them have both a paid and a free version, and most of them are entirely free. With all the options available at no cost, there’s no need to commit to a paid membership.

Second, pick a random chat site that lets you filter your results. Most of these filters won’t be too specific; a couple of common filters let you sort by gender or by country, for instance. They’re broad enough for the chats to still be random, but they’ll also let you narrow down your options if you have a specific kind of person in mind.

Third, use a video chat site that has minimal sign-up requirements. You shouldn’t have to spend all kinds of time registering when you’re signing up for random chats; in fact, some sites let you start chatting without even registering!

What happens after you’ve decided on the right random chat site? Everyone’s experience is unique, but here are a few reasons why you could end up loving random video chatting.

You can learn new skills.

Most people are used to hopping onto Google if they have a question that needs answering, but random chat sites can be a gratifying alternative to reading an article on the internet. This is especially true if you’re trying to pick up a new skill; not only will you be able to learn from someone who’s done it themselves, but you’ll both have a good time as you develop your newfound techniques.

Of course, not every skill can be learned via webcam; stuff like driving a car or freestyle climbing is best done in person. However, there are plenty of skills that can easily be taught and learned in a video chat. Are you curious about learning a few German phrases so you can joke around with a new co-worker? Find someone who speaks German at a native level – they’ll probably be tickled at your request. Arts and crafts are easy to learn this way too; simply pick a project you want to work on, and go in search of someone who can tell you how it’s done.

Get an unbiased second opinion – or several!

The internet is full of opinionated people, but on random chat sites, this can actually be a plus. Ask for advice on literally anything you’re willing to share – big or small, you’re sure to find someone who can say a few helpful words on the subject.

Are you considering a major relationship decision, whether or not to quit your job, or making a big investment? Not only could someone offer some good input, but you might also even meet someone who’s gone through a similar situation. What about less earth-shattering decisions, like getting a daring haircut, or which breed of dog to get as a new pet? You’ll get all kinds of different input, and you may even end up discovering an option that you like even better than your original idea.

Look at things from a new perspective.

Even if you’re a broad-minded person, you’re bound to discover different points of view as you randomly chat with any of the thousands of people that are using the same site as you. Imagine someone experiencing big-city living for the first time after growing up in a tiny community – people talk differently, think differently, and just live differently. That could be you with video chats to some degree, especially if you’re talking to people from different countries. It doesn’t even have to be particularly important topics; you could simply talk about your country’s customs surrounding coffee, and remember the conversation with a smile the next time you brew yourself a cup.

Improve your social skills as you meet more people.

Some people can strike up a conversation with a stranger anytime they want, but for most, that’s a skill that they can only dream about. With random video chats, though, you have the perfect opportunity to sharpen your conversational abilities with hardly any pressure.

If you tend to hold back because you think you’ll come off as awkward or shy, think of the way you judge the people you’re chatting with. How high are your standards in a random video chat? Probably not very high – and most of the people you chat with will be the same way.

Expand your social life.

It can be hard to feel like you’re getting enough socialization, especially these days. Even if friend groups can technically stay connected through group chats and a few socially distanced activities, it just isn’t the same as meeting up at your favorite watering holes every weekend.

How can you fill in this gap? Random video chats are available at any time of the night or day if you find yourself feeling lonely. You can even find someone to share a meal or a few drinks with, just like you’d do with any other friend.

There’s something for everyone on random video chat sites.

Does this sound like something you’d enjoy? These are just a few of the benefits you might experience while video chatting – you never know what you could discover once you start meeting people. Even the “small” video chat sites have thousands of people from all over the world, so you’re sure to find all kinds of people who’ll help you make some awesome memories.

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