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5 Ways Live Chat Software Helps Generate Leads for your Business

How does an online chat software helps achieve this? Let’s understand.

A real-time interaction with the existing or prospective customer through an online chat software is the next best thing after meeting them in person. It enables businesses to be present at the right moment and address a customer’s query within time; hence minimizing the business opportunities that might get missed. How does an online chat software help achieve this? Let’s understand:

Never Miss a Lead: The live chat software on your website works 24X7. So, no matter at what time of the day or night your customer comes looking for the products and services listed on your website, their queries won’t go unanswered. If the customer receives the right information exactly at the moment of decision-making, he or she is more likely to choose the product or service in the picture. Therefore, the chances of tapping the maximum number of business leads are quite high if a live chat support your business.

Helps Save Money: Now this is simple math! Compare paying three different people for an eight-hour shift each with paying a few dollars yearly or monthly. Obviously, the former is going to cost much higher. Add the phone-bill that you will have to pay to be available day in and day out for the website-visitors  The same money can be invested in other marketing activities to promote your business and thus, increase the rate of lead generation.

Improves Page-Rank: Any internet-savvy business-person would know that the higher the page rank, the more the chances of people choosing to click on your website. The algorithms of search-engines

rank a web-page based on the amount of time visitors spend there. Live chat software is a great way to engage your customers for a long time which in turn, helps improve the page-rank. An improved page-rank improves the overall visibility and reach of your website. This creates a cycle which can help push lead-generation northwards.

More Customers who Return: An informative and polite session of live-chat can do wonders. Receiving the required information in the middle of a purchase helps make customers better decisions. Further, this increases the credibility of the website too. Therefore, the chances of having customers visit your website again increase manifold. But yes, a good live-chat session must be backed by quality products and services to make the customers return to your website. Even the world’s best live-chat services in the world cannot compensate for the quality of products and services.

Metrics to Map Results: Reputed live chat companies provide a lot of savvy features. These not only help map the outcome of investing in an online chat software beneficial but also contributes to making better decisions for your business. Metrics tracking helps to understand how many leads are actually getting converted to real business. Similarly, transcript recording and storing facility helps you know both the demographics and the psychographics of your customers; not to forget the quality of live-services too.

Looking for quality live-services for better lead-generation, please leave your comments below.

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Vishal Pandey works at a Delhi based leading digital marketing company. He has a powerful knowledge regarding the global marketing trends and so chooses his career in the same field.

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