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How to Successfully Market Your Mobile App

The battle for customers and users in the app development world is at its toughest level. This is why it is no longer enough to just launch your app alone. Here are the strategies successful top app development companies in India adopt to ensure their apps are always successful. It is important you adopt them too.

Reach out before you design

Indian app developers don’t just design and develop apps. They first reach out to their customers to seek their views. After all, they are the ones that will use the app. However, sending surveys to your customers means you intend to take a few minutes from their time.

They may not be too willing to give their time because they are busy so Indian app developers usually incentivize their customers to get their time. You can also do the same. You can offer them certain discounts for taking your survey. You need to understand what they will like to see in the app and you also need to know how to improve their experience. Their response will guide you towards creating a great app.

Engage one or two influencers

Indian app developers usually seek the help of media influencers. This is the time when hero-worship is at its highest level and a lot of celebrities have wannabes. Social media has made this easier as most celebrities have millions of followers.

Your media influencer only has to be seen using your app and you will definitely get millions of downloads immediately. While some Indian app developers develop a good relationship with some influencers, others just hire them for their service. This is a very expensive strategy but it works wonders. You will be amazed at the tremendous increase in the number of download of your app.

Leverage your website

If you have a website, it is a good idea to market your app on your website. Describe all its beneficial features on your website. In fact, it is better to dedicate a particular web page for your app. The idea is to create more publicity for your app.

In addition, if you have a blog, you might as well blog about it. More customers will see it as you keep publicizing it in all the platforms at your disposal.

Send emails about it

Since email marketing is still working for those who have a large number of email subscribers, you might as well send emails about your app. Make sure you keep the mail as brief as possible. The shorter it is, the more your recipients are likely to read it to the end.

Because of people that may drop off without reading the mail to the end, you should pass the most important messages in the first few sentences. Remember to apply Pareto’s 80/20 rule to your content. Figure out the 20 percent of the features of your app that will attract 80 percent of your prospective users. Focus on those features. Never forget to include a download button in any of your marketing messages. This will help to catch people that may want to act on impulse.

Include brief videos

Videos attract viewers more than text because people prefer to watch videos than to read. In fact, people regard reading as some kind of work. Secondly, videos remain in the minds of viewers much longer than pictures and text and they pass more messages.

However, you need to keep your videos short and concise. The duration of an ideal video is usually less than 30 seconds. The shorter it is, the more people will likely watch it to the end.

Advertise your app on other app stores

When it comes to advertisement of apps, most organizations just concentrate on Google Play and App store. You should also consider other smaller app stores. In fact, the small app stores are not half as competitive as both Google play and App store. In fact, advertising your app on those alternative app stores will increase the number of downloads of your app by about 200 percent.

Some other app stores are AppBrain, Amazon Appstore, AppsLib, Opera Mobile Store, SlideMe, and GetJar. Don’t get it wrong, you still need both Google play and App store, but in addition to both of them you should also advertise your app on all the app stores listed above and others that you come across. Indian app developers do everything to promote their apps in all available app stores.

To make the best of these, it is important that the icon of your mobile app is as distinctive as possible. This will help your app stand out in a crowd. The more catchy and distinctive its icon is, the more prospective users will likely try it out.

Submit your app to app review sites

This is a good and cheap way to get exposure for your app. Just submit it to as many app review sites as possible. One thing a lot of people don’t understand is that a honest review of any great product is not different from marketing the product. So, if your app is great, it will be reviewed on review sites and its great features will be publicized.

However, there is another side to the coin. If your app has numerous drawbacks, they will also be exposed on the site. So, you must be sure of the quality of your app before submitting in on review sites. This is why you must hire people to test every function and link on your app before you launch it.

Apply for awards

Participating in app awards can give your app tremendous publicity. Winning any award will even boost the publicity of your app further. However, winning is not the objective but publicity. Some great app award sites are OZApp, Best Mobile App Awards, The Webby Awards, Ericsson Application Awards, Appsters Awards, Apple Design Awards, AppCircus competition, Best App Ever Awards, and Appy Awards.

Optimize it for search engine

It is not enough to optimize your app for app stores, it is also necessary to optimize it for search engines. Don’t get confused, optimizing it means that its URL should show up in SERP whenever relevant keyword is searched.

Since it is likely that prospective users will search for apps with their function, you may optimize your app with its purpose. For instance, if it is an educational app, you should optimize for education niche.

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Kenneth Evans is Analyst and Content Marketer of top app development companies. As a Content marketer, He has been contributing to various blogging platforms and Forums.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Sanket Doshi

    May 15, 2018 at 12:51 pm

    Developers should bookmark this post so that they’ll know how to market their mobile app. They should implement all of the above to ensure success with the sales/downloads of their app.

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