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Common Website Mistakes that Small Business Owners Make

As a business owner, you probably know how important an online presence is. However, many people fail to realize that just having a website is not enough. The website has to be good – potential customers have to find the information that they are looking for easily. If you want to convert your leads into customers, here are some mistakes to avoid:

Not Having Clear Calls-to-actions

If a potential customer cannot find your business contact easily, he or she will give up due to frustration. Providing a call-to-action is the best way to turn website visitors into customers, making the process of conversion easier. Before choosing the best call-to-action for your website, you need to decide the goal for all of the pages. Is it to sell products or services, get email list subscribers, or ask people to get in touch with you.

Once you figure out what you want from your content, you should build some visible buttons or links. A good call-to-action should have contrasting color from the other text, stand out, and be of a larger font. It should make it easy for the visitor to complete the desired action.

Content Overload

If your website has too many lines of text or excessive pictures, people will not be able to find the necessary information quickly. This is especially unfavorable for users on the go who do not want to wait for your content to load. In fact, you need to conduct tests such as a website performance test to make sure that your site is running fast.

To avoid giving your potential customers unnecessary information, you should choose the most important content and cut out the rest. Moreover, you should break up your articles into smaller paragraphs to make them easier to browse through and understand. You should also include a few high-quality images that are relevant to your website.

Refusing to Hire a Professional

Very few small business owners hire outside help when creating a website. Even if you want to cut corners, having a functional website is very important for the long-term success of your business. Potential customers might associate a poorly made website with an unreliable business and you do not want this.

Set aside some money for hiring a professional web designer who will create a website that paints your business in the best light. A good website will make your company look more professional and trustworthy.

Not Mobile-friendly

The convenience of smartphones has made is much easier for people to shop on the go. Despite the rise in mobile users, most business websites are not mobile-optimized. Your website might be losing customers who become frustrated because the pages take too long to load on their devices.

You need to create a site that adjusts based on the device size. This way, the website will load faster for mobile phone users. This will keep them there instead of sending them to the competition.

Outdated Information

Have you ever seen a website that is advertising past sales as if they are still happening? Most businesses fail to update their content because the process takes a long time. However, outdated information turns off potential customers and keeps your website from showing up in Google searches.

Websites that have fresh content rank higher on search engine results. To avoid being stale, you should update your website on a regular basis.


You need to avoid doing any of the above if you want your website to thrive. If you cannot handle the stress of maintaining a website, you should hire professionals to do it for you.

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