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Clear Reasons Why Your PC at Home or Work Needs Security

If you have noticed, your computer is one device intruders would love to get access to. Whatever is stored in it is very important to them. Hackers are always in search of personal information, bank account details and even credit card numbers. Such money for seasoned hackers is easy to get to and a major reason why your PC at home will always be a target. Remember these intruders know that while many people work in offices far from home, such things as payments and accepting online payments are done from the safety of the home where the possibilities of sharing a PC with anyone in the bedroom is almost zero. That’€™s why they are dying to get into your personal computer, laptop or desktop.

Your PC Resources Important To Intruders

However, remember the things intruders are after transcend money. There are resources on the PC, especially the hard disk space, connection to the internet and fast processor they really want. These resources are used as a platform to wage an attack on other online users right into their computers. This is because the more computers are used by an intruder, the harder and complex it is for the authorities to figure out who is attacking and where the attack is taking place from. Remember a hacker who cannot be found cannot be prosecuted or even stopped.

Intruders and Home PCs

If you have not noticed yet, the reason your PC is targeted is due to the ease of breaking into. If your internet connection, high-speed web connection, is always turned on, you should know hackers can quickly find your PC and attack it so fast you will not even notice what has hit your computer. Computers with a dial-in connection are also not left out but it is high-speed connections such as DSL and cable modems that are always a favorite of these intruders.

For the hacker, it does not matter how a PC at home is connected to the web. Attacks to such a device are in most cases successful. Not many people with PCs at home know they need to really understand all there is about computer security. If you are careful about insuring your car, it is also important to ensure your PC at home is secure. You must strive to understand how you can always improve home PC security. Intruders and their respective programs must always be kept far from your precious home computer.

Entry Into Your PC

Intruders make their way into a home computer in so many ways. The first is through an infected email sent to your Inbox and as you read the email, the virus is activated giving the intruders the entry they wanted to access the computer. There are cases where a weakness or flaw in your PC system is taken advantage of and the computer is accessed.

After gaining access, new programs are installed on the PC letting them continue with the use of the PC whether you know you are under attack or not. Even after plugging all holes that are an entry to your computer, the intruder’€™s programs will be running, blending seamlessly with your own and putting your computer at risk every time it is on.

Gary is an IT graduate who loves to hang out with friends via social media. He occasionally blogs on tips and tricks about social media. His favorite topic is hacking. Recently he lost password for one of the social network accounts and while searching on the internet he found this website which can help you get your password.

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  1. Sekhar

    December 27, 2013 at 7:19 pm

    Yes truly, security should be priority wherever we use our PC. It may be there in office, public place or at your secure home. Specially home PC are used for many personal and financial transactions. Nice post.

  2. Akash Arora

    December 28, 2013 at 7:24 am

    Personally I consider antivirus software to be more of a safety net – IMHO using common sense is the best deterrent to getting any sort of virus. I’m good about keeping things up to date and I tend to leave the pirated stuff and porn alone and to me that is simply common sense as is having antivirus, ad blockers, and flash blockers installed.

  3. Rohit Dubey

    January 3, 2014 at 7:00 am

    True i agree with you as security should be the first priority for our PC.
    And should also be kept safe from monstrous children.!!

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