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Can Wearable Technology Overtake Smartphones?

The advancement in technology is quite intriguing. We have seen it evolve from what we may consider as simple to a more complex form that offers simplicity to our day to day lives. We are too aware that the only thing constant in life is change, and this is well exhibited in the technology sector. In recent times, we have experienced a massive inflow of technology into the market. A large percentage of these are mobile phones, smartphones to be specific.

wearable technology

However, coming up fast are the wearable gadgets. These are devices that can be worn on either one specific part of the body or anywhere on the body depending on the wearer’s preference. Wearable technology comes in different forms. Some are permanently embedded in straps that make them worn either on the wrist or on the ankles. Other are in the form of a core. Such wearable technology can also be worn, but are not limited to the wrists and the ankles. They are capable of being fitted into apparel as well as other accessories. Also to these, there are some that have a unique design and come as glasses or even footwear. Indeed, different wearable gadgets differ in shape, size and visual design and appeal. Moreover, these devices also differ in their features and specifications which in turn creates the difference in their functions and capabilities.

Wearable technology is fast gaining a lot of popularity. This has led the need to improve the quality of wearable gadgets. With each advancement, wearable gadgets are slowly but steady gaining ranks of the smartphones. The exhibited rising trend is a sure show of a takeover. Sooner than many may think, wearable gadgets will be with smartphones and may even take the crown.

What will make wearable gadgets attain smartphone superiority?

Wearable gadgets have received a warm welcome from consumers. These have been viewed as a threat to the smartphones. A variety of factors has led for its wide acceptance.

First and foremost, wearable gadgets are quite handy. With them, you are able of viewing data as when you need it. That is an essential aspect of making life easier. You do not have to put off what you require as it is already there with you. As the name suggests, these devices are worn on the body. This goes to suggest that the device is with you everywhere you go. This makes it convenient to access data. Data can only be relevant if you can access it at your convenience.

Many if not most of us have seen wearable gadgets. This may be disputed equally by many. However, it should be noted that latest gadgets news blend into the environment they are in. Many of the wearable gadgets are designed so as to make them as discreet as possible. This allows you to go about your daily activities without the gadget getting in the way.

In many cases, these gadgets may appear to look like smart watches, bracelets, anklets or just mere decorations on a garment. So, you may have seen them without knowing you are looking at them. This is an aspect that has made wearable gadgets quite famous. Many wearable devices are made to have a sleek design. The design is important in that many customers would want a device that looks goods. Wearable gadgets have a fashion sense to them with some having inter-changeable straps to match the wearer’s outfit.

Also to all these, wearable gadgets are capable of performing numerous tasks at once. There is no single wearable gadget that performs one function merely. Notably, the device may specialize in one sector such as health tracking. However, one sector can entail a variety of functions. As stated above, for example, health trackers can track the heart rate, calories, etc. Multitasking is a sort after feature in all forms of technology. It allows people to do more than one thing at a time.

There are numerous functions performed by a smartphones, watches and the like. Wearable gadgets stand out for one reason. Many advanced wearable gadgets combine all functions of a watch, a smartphone, fitness and general health trackers. Some wearable gadgets have been seen to take photos and receive call and text notifications. They have also been seen to show the time and have a stopwatch just as in a watch. Although smartphones may appear to be the centerpiece of the entire circle, further advancement in the wearable technology sector could see these gadgets perform these functions independently.

Although it may seem that most wearable gadgets are companions to smartphones, this is soon likely to change. We are already experiencing wearable gadgets that carry out some of the functions performed by smartphones. Aided with a wireless Bluetooth connection, they can do even more. Wearable tech developers are looking for ways to make their devices smarter and in due time, this will come to pass.


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Stevan McGrath loves to explore the world through traveling and thrilling getaways that adventure lovers may dream of exploring. His writing domain revolves around topics like health and fitness, wearable technologies, product reviews, skincare science etc. He is a contributing writer to various other websites since 2011. His articles are well-researched and published on several websites. You can follow him on TwitterFacebook and Google+ for daily inspiration.

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Stevan McGrath loves to explore the world through travelling and thrilling getaways that adventure lovers may dream of exploring. His writing domain revolves around topics like Health and Fitness, latest technologies, product reviews, etc.

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