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Smartly Accessorize Your Smart Phone

Regardless of your device preferences – iPhone, Android, or Blackberry, the accessories that can be purchased to accompany your smart phone these days are pretty smart in their own right. The following three smart accessories on the market today are smarter than the basic cases or covers that may come to mind, and far more useful than the extras of the early days of cell phones: dangly antenna charms.

accessorise smartphone

Antenna charms were used entirely by pre-teens for the method of purely being ‘€œcute.’€ Now, accessories can be categorized as equally advanced and operative as your smart phone. In fact the word accessory actually does them an injustice. I have found that many of the accessories out there today are meant to make your smart phone smarter – go figure! In the high tech world that we live in today why else would anybody purchase accessories for their phone?

The Binocular Attachment:

Love photos of birds? Can’€™t see home plate but want an Instagram photo to show your friends? The binocular accessory is an attachment that will allow you a close up view of the game, as well as the opportunity to take a screen shot of the up-front view. The binocular attachment/accessory does far more than simply dangle from your antenna and get caught on your clothing. The binocular delivers an 8X magnification for a 465-foot field of view at 1,000 yards. When the phone is in camera mode, the screen displays all magnified images as if it were an external monitor. The included phone case seals snugly over one eyepiece, aligning the phone’€™s camera with the binocular lens.

The Baby Monitor:

Although the baby monitor does not come in sparkly pink Hello Kitty, it does let you know when your child is crying anywhere your Wi-Fi extends. Similar to any baby monitor- except instead of carrying a baby monitor AND your phone, you now can downsize; finally a practical tech object for the entire family. Additionally, the baby monitor can be upgraded and will text you anytime a cry is detected.

Health Oriented Attachments:

The next smart accessory is clumped into one category because all three are pretty awesome, and also used for health reasons. The heart rate monitor, alcohol content detector, and the scale! Each of these accessories can be easily attached to the smart phone and can help you with any aspect of your health. Combine these three attachable along with an app that counts your calories you will be ready for summer!

Although the antenna charms were adorable for a brief moment in time- about as brief as the antenna was on cell phones- each of these gadgets are tools that enable smarter ways to use your smart phone.

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Eva Ozawa writes about all things tech at My Trendy Phone. She is also a freelance writer, mother of one and proud iPad and iPhone owner.

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