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Aesthetics Of Technology And Smartphones Today

When it comes to choosing a new tech device, aficionados have the pick of veritable feast of electronic devices. With new models popping up every few months from big players Samsung, Apple, and HTC – it’s becoming harder to keep track of the specs and capabilities of new models. The cellular phone advancements in technology is fast growing and bigger than ever now. With mobile companies trying to oust beat each other with newer updates and installments, competition is tight as ever with one picking up where the other lacks. Hardware is nothing without the right software, similarly what is a functioning PDA without its screen. With all ado over applications and software’s, display technology is often overlooked. All the wonders of a phone are nothing without the screen and display hardware. So what technologies do modern cellular phones have to offer?


The smart phone is everyone’s favorite little electronic gadget without a doubt. You have all the latest updates and applications you need to make your phone function top notch but adding a little charm on the outside won’t hurt. A phone will always stand to be a tad bit incomplete without the perfect accessories to accompany it, just like French fries are just mediocre without some ketchup. There are some accessories that are absolutely mandatory for you phone, while others just add that extra bit of edge and make you phone a little different and unique from the millions of others sporting the same model and color.

As with anything you would choose to buy, the worth of something is only measured by what you get out of it. Some people place a higher value on prestige and brand image than others do. For instance, there are those who always want the latest high spec machines from the biggest names like Apple and Sony, while others are content with more economical models from budget brands instead. This is the best place to begin when it comes to the Apple debate. Apple fanboys have become something of a stereotype over the past few years, with these consumers showing a fierce devotion to anything Apple-related.

Google Glass

As many people interested in the world of technology already know, the release for Google Glass is slated for either the end of 2013 or early 2014. Google Glass, the search giant’s hot new product, combines the functionality and connectedness of a smartphone with the hands-free head display of glasses. While this technology isn’t implicitly a disruptive innovation within the smartphone world, it absolutely has the potential to change the way consumers behave, and could certainly be disruptive to other industries. While the new product is very exciting for some, many are fearful of the implications of widespread head-display style electronic devices.

Galaxy S4

Over the past three years, Samsung’s Galaxy S series has been making giant leaps in the smart phone market, selling 74.3 million units in the past year versus main competitor Apple’s 133.7 million. In a bid to cement popularity, Samsung has unveiled the Galaxy S4 this year – giving a serious power up in design and software features to its predecessor the S3. An ounce lighter than the S3, the phone sports a 5 inch display with 1080 pixels.  When it comes to the driving power behind the phone, it will depend on where you buy it. Some markets will sell the Galaxy S4 with an incredible 1.


The Chromebook Pixel has just been released by Google, and while it is a little on the pricey side, it contains a lot of features. The screen has a beautiful display, there are a lot of features packed inside of the notebook, and it is a very powerful machine. The Pixel has a 12.85 inch display with a high resolution. It has a gorilla glass screen so that it is well protected and features a multitouch panel. Tucked inside of the chrome book, there is an Intel core I five processor, 4 GB of RAM, and 32 GB for storage.

Even digital investment portals like Macroaxis are taking the tech goods challenge which, of course, includes implementing their award-winning portfolio management and instant investment analysis tools into bite-sized apps. Correlation management and volatility measurement tools which Macroaxis offers have swept the tech world today.

Mouse Technology

Optical character recognition or OCR technology has been around for quite a while. This technology allows for the conversion of scanned images or text to digital media. Modern systems are capable, by way of artificial intelligence, to recognise images and text with a high degree of accuracy.  It’s no wonder then that this technology has spring-boarded its way into everyday use and especially in regards to electronic gadgets. One fresh and new way that this engineering is finding application is in the computer mouse market.

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  1. maheshwar antony

    April 5, 2013 at 9:47 am

    Aesthetics is what drives today’s technological innovations. aesthetics brings in ease of use and the cool factor. Likes of iPhone, Ipad, Galaxy, Nexus etc illustrate this notion.

  2. Luis

    April 12, 2013 at 8:56 pm

    The aesthetics of a device is the first thing that attract’s a potential buyer’s eyes. Obviously the company with the most success in this has to be Apple, but other companies are beginning to catch up.

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