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Bridging The Mobile App Phone Gap

mobile appThe number of smart phone users have increased over the years. More people are finding the use of smart phones to be the easiest way to get to their information. Smart phones have therefore become the best thing for all those that have to access information on the go.

Mobile Apps Grow In Popularity

It has been reported by the Pew Internet Project that 1 in 4 adults now use mobile apps. This shows that the popularity of these apps is increasing. More people are trying to download the apps for their favorite sites to save time.

The most common app downloads are for social media. Facebook and Twitter are among the most popular. This is followed by gaming apps like Angry Birds. Lots of people also download apps for their banks because it is easier to check their account balances. All of these has made the smart phone as valuable as a laptop or personal desktop computer. It is more convenient in fact because smart phones are smaller. No one has to lug around a laptop and wait for it to boot up. People that have smart phones will always have their phones on, and most people keep their phones close. This is why these mobile web apps are so convenient.

More Advertisers Target App Users

The fact that so many people are favoring apps makes it easier for businesses to target consumers this way. The mobile app market has become the primary way to reach consumers through virtual marketing.

In many cases this works because consumers are practically forced to view the ads. Some ads pop up and block access to the app. People cannot play their games or watch their videos until the advertisement is completely done. This is why these apps are so popular.

The Lucrative Business Of App Design

There is a lot of big business in mobile app design. It has become one of the most lucrative ways for programmers to make money. Some money is make from advertising revenue. Other designers make money by selling their apps to these various apps stores. The premium apps obviously make money by charging smart phone owners to download. These premium apps may only be $2 or $3 dollars, but it turns into lots of money after millions of downloads. This is why so many developers are eager to get the word out about the smart phone apps that they are creating. It increases their chances to make more money.

Updating Your Apps

People that like their apps may resist the urge to update the apps until other people have downloaded and reviewed the apps. Sometimes the new upgrades do not work as well. People may not want to upgrade these apps until they are sure that they work properly.

The good thing about updating the apps is that people can get better versions of the apps. Sometimes people replace these apps with other apps that are better. There are many choices regardless of the type of app you desire.

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Myke Thomas is a freelance writer, professional blogger, and social media enthusiast. Her blog focuses on internet bloggers, technology bloggers and telecom bloggers. You can follow him on Google+ and Twitter

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