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An Employee Perspective: 5 Everyday Challenges of Project Management (& Solutions)  

As an employee, working on a project for hours and hours drains out your energy. And the worst part is getting no results out of it.

There are various reasons for poor project management, such as terrible team coordination, miscommunication, insufficient resources, and unclear project vision.

However, you can overcome all these issues with project management software if used effectively.

In this article, we address the common challenges faced in project management and solutions to defeat them.

Conflicts due to miscommunication

Have you given reasons for not finishing the tasks on time?

The communication gap in any form is injurious to the health of the project. Often, miscommunication occurs due to assumptions, non-verbal cues like body language and facial expressions.

Solution: Be it an employee or a project manager, communicate clearly to your team members while giving instructions. Ask questions, doubts in person, or through a communication tool in a project management software.

If you need any resources, dependencies, report to your project manager in clear language. It reduces friction between team members and project managers.

Impractical Deadlines

Have you ever found your project manager’s deadlines unrealistic? Impractical deadlines put employees under a lot of stress; thus, it leads to compromise in the quality of the outcome.

How to make your project manager understand this subject?

Solution: While defining the scope of the project and timeline of the work, clarify what you can do in the given time? By politely and professionally addressing the realistic expectation, your project manager would feel less relieved, and chances of extending the deadline are high.

The key here is “addressing the issue at the initial stage.” Unless you talk about the date of deliverables at discussion time with your client or manager, you won’t overcome this problem ever.

Issues in working as a team

Working with a team that has different mindsets and opinions is not an easy job. Even though the project manager must put all of you on a single page, you can contribute to it as well.

Solution: Indulge in talking professionally to your team members even if you need something. For example, if you are a fresher designer and need help from a senior designer in the team.

Put forth your needs confidently, and explain why you need their help? By establishing a cordial relationship with your senior would’ve given you a sense of belonging as well.

Instead of yelling or behaving in other unprofessional ways, in the worst-case scenario, justify your act strongly with a clear mind to everyone through communication tools in project management software.

Addressing the issue in a common platform would lessen the clash as soon as possible.

Poor Brief on Scope and Objectives

Suddenly, outside the plan, the client demands more functionality. It puts the team members and the project manager in an awkward spot. One of the main reasons for this problem is defining the unclear scope and vague objectives in the first place.

Solution: As mentioned earlier, communication is essential even with the clients and the project team. Through showcasing the proper road map towards the project outcome, you can paint a clear picture of clients’ minds.

Eventually, the client knows what to expect at the end of the project. Use Gantt Charts in the project management software for efficient project planning and tracking.

Insufficient team skills 

While working as a team puts you in a difficult spot if your team members are not good at performing the assigned tasks. In a group, everyone’s work is inter dependable. Unless work is not given based on skills, it is tedious to expect quality output.

Solution: Inform your project manager about what skills or expertise you have? Ask for the works related to it.


Project management is a team task. So, issues and complications will arise then and there. However, smartly dealing with them will assist you in overcoming the hurdles.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Serge

    January 19, 2021 at 12:13 pm

    Thank you!
    Very interesting article!
    The most problem what I faced in project management was time management.

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