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11 Advantages of Magento Web Development for E-commerce Businesses

Powered by Zend Framework and PHP programming language, Magneto framework meets the needs of customers quickly. Around 25K websites thrive on Magneto and most of them are primarily eCommerce websites. With the rise of online shopping, Magento e-commerce development has gained a lot of traction and climbed up to rank as the 4th popular open-source development platform.

Magento stores, we use today, are an impressive piece not only because of the developmental expertise but quite a lot of credit goes to the potential of Magento that makes eCommerce platform development an easy and highly customizable job.

The high level of code reusability and its range of function range, which can be achieved easily, make Magento a platform to trust while building an eCommerce store. Not enough? Here are a few benefits of using Magento for your e-commerce business:

Storefront Advantage

For organizations on the scale of Omega and One Plus, they are putting their entire baggage of trust by selling on Magneto powered websites. Such massive enterprises have multiple business segments geographically. Magneto offers an advantage of offering the target audience a demographic-specific experience yet at the backend, only one admin panel is used. All geographies, this way, receive their own share of customization like currency selection, shipping advantages, tax calculations and deals as per the seasons or occasions.

Such an extreme flexibility makes sure the business does not have to undergo too much of hassles and effort for offering such scale of customization as with Magento eCommerce development services, this can be achieved using a single admin panel while the storefronts look and offer features that are strikingly different.

Customization Advantage

Extreme customization is what makes the eCommerce websites and Apps unique. Magento brings a lot to the App developers with which they can play around to create very versatile digital stores. Magento offers 3rdparty plugins developed by its active community of developers. The availability of themes and libraries makes it easy to customize the websites.

Scalable Platform

Magento e-commerce development solutions that process more orders per hour are the winner. Magento allows around 40% more orders to be processed per hour. Its advantages of instant server response give it user’s efficient experience of catalog browsing. It gives an overall boost to the checkout time as adding items to carts becomes 63% speedier.

Security Advantage

E-commerce stores need users to entire card information and more personal details and that is why security becomes important for these stores. Good Magento e-commerce development practices and this framework protect users against hackers and malware attacks.

Responsive Advantage

Magento is a very active community and it is very easy to develop responsive websites on it. It is an open source platform and that is what makes it extremely versatile. Magento 2 comes with an admin panel that makes it easy for the website owners to maintain the inventory and sales.

Reporting Advantage

Magento offers a business intelligent advantage to the website owners. Apart from sales data management, it acts as a visualization tool and makes forecasting the consumer behavior easy.

Quick loading Advantage

E-commerce website’s load time is extremely pivotal for and with Magento 2, comes the advantage of quick page caching. These eCommerce websites offer efficient loading speed on both desktops and mobiles.

SEO Advantage

Magento is powered by a team of extremely aggressive developers. So SEO advantages of Magneto are very obvious but what is more important is that SEO advantages of Magento are growing as SEO is changing. After the arrival of Magento 2.0, the full-page caching feature made the eCommerce websites speedier.

Integrate Various Payment Gateways

Secure and scalable payment gateways integration make it easy to offer features like authorization of transactions, refund processing, and sales. It allows integration of PayPal, Credit/debit card,WePay, BrainTree,, DOTPAY & payment gateways.

Selling Advantage

Magento framework offers a seamless buying experience for e-commerce platform users. The entire ecosystem of Magento supports building a portal that is efficient in selling as it is easy to use right from browsing the catalogue to check out.

Upgrade and Update Advantage

Magento is an ecosystem brimming with very active developers. They offer third-party themes, extensions and more to make sure it is easy to upgrade and update the eCommerce platform. It is so easy and quick to update the eCommerce without having any kind of impact on the shopping experience of the users.


Magento framework is efficient enough to encourage business growth and that is what makes it most sought after the framework for eCommerce development. The scalable and flexible framework ensures a sustainable traffic flow along with offering a perfect experience to the buyers.

Magneto, its rich library and thriving ecosystem make it a perfect platform for e-commerce websites to cut through the competitive clutter and stand out from the rest. Magento e-commerce development is, therefore, becoming a rising choice across the globe and primarily in the United States, Great Britain, and Australia where the eCommerce market is booming with growth.

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Ashish Goyal works as a digital marketing analyst by profession and blogger by passion with Xtreem Solution, a well know mobile and PHP web development company that have robust team of professionals. Hire PHP developer from our dedicated professionals which will full fill your requirement. He loves to share his technology research and knowledge by writing blog or article. As a digital marketing analyst his aim to build leadership to growing a strong and environmentally sound IT Enterprise. Get in touch with LinkedIn

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