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A Review of the Analytics App

Anyone who has a website or a blog knows that it is a good idea to monitor traffic to determine just how many visitors are coming to the site and how what they are doing when they get there. Looking at the analytics on the site will help site owners learn ways of increasing their traffic, and making their site more successful. If you want to have the ability to check your analytics no matter where you might be, then the Analytics App for the iPhone is an option. Indeed, the Analytics app should give you all of the information you need to keep on top of your site on your phone.

Robust Number of Reports and Ease of Use in the Old Version

You will find 55 different types of reports that you can access with Analytics App, and it is easy to get to all of them. The data is easy to understand, and the interface is easy to use. When one looks at the older reviews of the application, the app would seem to be a great solution for anyone who needs to monitor their site visitors. However, it seems as though things have changes with the app recently, and it might not be the best solution for everyone. This is a shame, because users say that the application was once the only option they trusted when it came to analytics for their site.

Is the App Worth the $6.99 Price?

Most of the users that you speak with now are going to tell you that it is no longer worth the price. They have had troubles with the application for some time, and they claim that the developer is not responding to queries and concerns, which means that there might not be support for the Analytics App any longer. They also claim that later updates reduced the functionality too.

Before choosing the application, it makes more sense to check out the latest reviews to determine whether the developer has made any improvements. It people are still complaining about the application, you might want to look into other applications that can do the same thing.

Analytics is important, but you have to make sure that you are working with a quality application. Don’t spend money on an app that isn’t working properly when you could find something similar that works well, such as Analytics Pro.

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Helene Lazarenco is a dedicated writer at She is passionate by Technology, Security software and Blogging. Don’t forget to try out VPN services when need a reliable US VPN (warning: totally different.)

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