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8 Highly Anticipated Features to Look for in iPhone 7

Apple sold millions of iPhone 6s handsets towards the end of 2015, a huge leap from iPhone sales in 2014. It is a well-known fact that Apple has successfully been able to beat its own sales records with every passing year, and with newer iteration getting launched. Many people have this notion of iPhone users, switching to other OSes, due to a declining craze. However, sales figures say a lot about the growing presence of iPhone penetrating in almost every corner of the globe.

With speculations surrounding iPhone 7 release in 2016, the expectations of fans will touch the skies. We will have to wait for the actual features getting launched with the release of iPhone 7. However, we do have some predictions regarding the advanced features, iPhone users are desperately looking for in the next Apple offering. You might possibly only see a few, or even all of them from what we are about to discuss. So, let us find out what the much awaited iPhone device could possibly have in store for the users.

1. Crystal clear display by means of a sapphire QHD screen

Sapphire is the second most scratch resistant material after Diamond. You saw the first appearance of Sapphire on the rear camera glass of iPhone 6. The screen resistance power of iPhone 6s was just as ordinary as compared to any other budget Android phone. However, with iPhone 7, a 1080p QHD Sapphire material screen, is expected to make the new iPhone “crack proof.”

2. Reinstate battery with the help of wireless charging

Wireless charging has definitely seen a lot during the past few years, and it would be phenomenal if brought on the latest iPhone model. If we go by the sources, Apple would be introducing WiFi based wireless charging in its iPhone series, with the advent of iPhone 7. Though we also expect other means of wireless charging, like a wireless inductive charging mat, steaming up the iPhone 7 battery.

3. An enhanced and long lived battery life

All the previous iPhone models faced the hurdle of frequent charging, due to too much consumption on display and performance. iPhone 7 will accompany the latest battery technologies, escalating an average battery usage of the device to 12 hours. Imagine, charging your iPhone device just once before going to the office, and your iPhone not requiring any more charging until you come back home.

While incorporating this feature, iPhone 7 might have to face the concerns related to an ultra slim sized device buildup, capable of accommodating a giant battery. However, Apple does have some other plans. The company is planning to use a brand new chipset A10, unlike the A9 chipset in case of iPhone 6. This chipset will be built using a micro sized fabrication process, so that the final product occupies much smaller space, leaving room for a bigger battery. Moreover, iOS 10 will provide an additional boost to the battery, through a power boost mode.

4. 32GB base model accompanying 3GB RAM

iPhone 6s users had to bear with a 16GB base model, hardly storing anything, considering the ever-increasing number of apps on the App Store. Imagine, your iPhone device storage space taken over by high resolution photos, HD videos, songs, and documents, leaving no room for app installs. We are hoping that iPhone 7 is going to bring good news for iPhone users, with a 32GB starting model. In addition, we are also expecting a rapid rise in the performance, as the device is expected to boast a 3GB RAM, an upgrade from 2GB RAM in iPhone 6.

5. An iPhone backed by waterproofing ability

There are way too many Android smartphones in the marketplace boasting waterproofing abilities. We expect Apple to make a foray into this with iPhone 7. Carrying along an iPhone costing around $500 or more has been a great matter of concern for avid iPhone users over the years; especially when the device gets washed up in the rain, while taking a bath, or unknowingly gets dropped inside a liquid. Now you will be able to carry along iPhone 7 without any fear with the device gaining resistance against water, or any other liquid substance.

6. Improved optical zooming in rear camera

Considering a limited iPhone 7 width size, this feature could probably be one of the major hurdles to come across. No matter how good a smartphone camera is in most Android phones, when it comes to optical zoom they all deliver the same. At present iPhone 6 offers a basic digital zoom ability, which by the way most smartphones do. However, with iPhone 7 we expect things to take a new shape, with rear camera accompanied by an enhanced optical zooming functionality.

7. Extended support provided for pencil stylus

The last time you saw an Apple Pencil Stylus, was in the case of an iPad Pro. Both iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s Plus models were lacking the use of a pencil stylus. However, do expect it on an iPhone 7, presumed to feature the same screen size, or maybe even more competing with the likes of phablets.

8. Amazing new colors glittering up iPhone cases

iPhone 6 had a range of color options for choosing apt iPhone cases, or covers. Especially, Rose Gold proved to be an instant hit among the iPhone lovers. However, with user preferences changing, they now prefer to opt for new exciting colors, instead of sticking around with traditional old-fashioned colors like White, Gray, Silver, or Gold. It would be amazing to see what colors would accompany iPhone

Do you have any other predictions related to iPhone 7?

As discussed earlier, the features we saw are of a predictive nature, with two way possibilities of might be seen, or might not be seen. If you do have any other functionalities in mind, you intend to see in iPhone 7, then just comment below for a healthy discussion. Only time will tell, the extent at which our predictions turn out to be true.

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Shivani Ajmerani works for Fusion Informatics Ltd., a mobile applications development company that offers Custom iPhone, iPad and android application development services. She loves leveraging the immense potential of the Internet to achieve corporate goals.



  1. Kiran Kumar

    April 20, 2016 at 7:25 am

    I am very much interested in checking out the pencil stylus supported in iPhone 7 and also the waterproof feature going to add some more value to the new iPhone. Waiting for the launch in India.

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