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6 Useful Tips to Consider when Buying a Portable Projector

Projectors are a popular tool used in classrooms, offices, community groups, and homes. In any occasion, where you have to entertain a huge audience and present visual representations, projectors are useful. They enhance the visual experience of the audience and also, save a lot of space. With more detail, projectors feature interactive presentations for kids to keep them engaged.

Technological advancement has brought in more developed trends like mini and wireless projectors that can be carried anywhere. Lightweight and compact projectors are suitable for home theatres and are comparatively cheaper. If you are willing to buy a projector for yourself, mentioned below are 6 useful tips you should consider:

What is the projector size you want to opt for?

The size of your projector determines a lot. Projectors of different sizes are equipped with different features. In case you want a mini projector, Canon has launched two pocket projectors, Rayo i5 (260g) and Rayo R4 (169g), that are designed to fit in your pocket. They are both equipped with long-lasting battery backup and mounted on a tripod for convenient projection.

Determine the resolution quality that is required

The resolution of the video varies from projector to projector. While some projectors feature a high number of pixels, others simply lack a good picture quality. Before buying a projector, ensure that the projected display is readable and does not appear distorted. However, pocket projectors like the Rayo i5 and Rayo R4 feature high-resolution visuals. Compared to other mini projectors, both the projectors offer a much greater resolution.

What should be the brightness of the projector?

Any reasonably sized image that is too bright will appear distorted. Fortunately, pocket projectors like the Canon Rayo i5 and Rayo R4 projectors do not face any such issue. You can simply adjust them to full brightness for maximum quality. However, their brightness is more than sufficient for functioning properly in a dark room.

What type of connector does the projector use?

Different projectors use different types of cables. With mini portable projectors, it is one of the biggest concerns. While most projectors are equipped with both composite and SVGA connectors, some are available only with composite connectors. High-end mini projectors also provide HDMI or wireless connectivity. So, before buying a projector for yourself, look for projectors with connectors that are compatible with your laptop or phone.

Which brand to opt for?

A variety of brands in the market offer high-end mini projectors that are replete with features. The recent projectors by renowned brands like Canon launch offer more pixels and do not compromise on the image quality. They are embedded with better speakers, a storage capacity and higher battery backup. Features like these make them a more reliable projector.  If you have been using a particular brand for some time, look for the various options they are offering and choose the ideal projector for yourself.

What is your budget?

A restrained budget requires a thorough research of all the products in that range to find the most compatible projector, while a flexible budget gives you the leisure of choosing from any of the options that you find most suitable.

Before buying the projector, check on the price of the projectors and compare the benefits they offer. Projectors with high-pixel-count, internal memory and good speakers are a little expensive but are best for outdoor and indoor uses.

Projectors are widely used in classes, meetings, and functions for audio and visual presentations. Their portability and universal connectivity have made them a very preferred choice. Make sure you consider the above-mentioned points before buying a projector.

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I'm Anjali Dixit, a passionate blogger, I enjoy my work and believe there is always a lot to discover in the world of Internet. A foodie and love reading books. In my free time, I like to dive into various activities such as discovering something new, traveling to new places and hanging out with my friends.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Stefan

    December 11, 2018 at 4:59 pm

    Hey Anjali these are some great tips for anyone that wants to buy a portable projector, I myself will keep in mind these tips. Thanks for sharing.

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