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5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Lighting Atmosphere in your Home

Our home is the place where we should be completely relaxed. So, it’s understandable that the way we design and decorate our home will contribute to our feeling of satisfaction.

Our home is the place where we should be completely relaxed. So, it’s understandable that the way we design and decorate our home will contribute to our feeling of satisfaction.

Maybe it doesn’t seem that way, but the lighting in your home greatly affects the ambiance of a specific room. That’s why every room should have individual lighting, adjusted to your needs.

So, here is how you can achieve the perfect lighting in every room of your home.

1. The living room

An overhead light is the one to start with – it will set the mood for the whole room. It can be a bold chandelier or a more traditional ornate-styled one – just make sure it makes the focal point of the room. If you install an oversized pendant, it will add some color to space.

Also, wall sconces are excellent for creating the dramatic atmosphere in the room, especially if you add dimmer switches that will allow you to adjust the light temperature depending on the part of the day. Experiment with different sources of lighting – you can use them all together or individually, depending on whether you are alone or with guests.

2. Dining room

The dining table in this room doesn’t serve only as a place where you eat – you also meet your family there, have long chats or you even work there. So, you need good lighting there.

The area around the table should have a pleasant background light, so it doesn’t become dominant, while the central glare-free light should be above the table. Here again would be useful to be able to dim the light fixture. Forget about lamps around the table, pendants are a better option as they are more flexible in case you want to change the position of your table. If you want a pleasant dining experience, opt for lighting with high-quality color rendition, with the lamps of 90 RA value. If you use halogen lamps, the color reproduction will be at its best.

3. Kitchen

It’s important to have the type of lighting in the kitchen that can be easily adjusted for different purposes. Ceiling lights are a must in every kitchen, together with the dimmer. If you sometimes eat in the kitchen – it will have a double purpose: a bright light while you’re preparing meals and soft light during dinner.

Regarding the meal preparation, every worktop should be well lit up through a directed light source. A great option here would be linear led lighting, especially if the light is warm or neutral white.

If at any moment you feel unsure of how to light up the room properly, it’s always a good idea to consult reliable lighting consultants for advice and make the best out of it.

4. The entrance and garden

They aren’t exactly rooms, but they add to the overall style of your home. The light at the entrance should be inviting and bright. In case you have an awning, it would be a better option to install downlights, but in any other case, wall lights are just what you need. You don’t need the dimmers; just make sure the source of lighting shines a bright light.

If you’re lucky to have a garden, you definitely need to add some magic to it. There are various led lights for garden that gently illuminate the paths or the focus elements in it, such as bigger plants, bushes or lonely trees. Not only will the outer lighting create a welcoming tone for your home, but it’s also a way to secure safe entrance to the house.

5. Home office

A home office is a growing trend around the world. More and more people need space in their homes specifically designed for work. It’s clear that this room needs good light and atmosphere to help you be effective at your job and stay concentrated and relaxed. The best would be to combine a well-positioned light at the desk with some type of general lighting.

You definitely need to avoid glare and reflections because you’ll unconsciously try to move away from the glare, ending up in an unpleasant sitting position. The illuminance level is important – stick between 500 to 1,000 lux because it’s the best level of illuminance for longer working periods.

Of course, your personal style and preference will affect the ultimate decisions on the lighting that you’ll make. However, these tips work well for most people, no matter which style of a certain lighting source they will choose in the end. The most important thing will be achieved – your home will be a place of relaxation, partially thanks to the right lighting.

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Stella is a proud mom and a pet parent. When not obsessing about designing perfect homes, she is spending time with her family. She is passionate about writing and always inspiring her readers to be clever in their lives. Her motto is “Be the change you want to see in the world”

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Karen Ching

    August 13, 2018 at 8:39 am

    This is really helpful! I didn’t know lighting could affect so much, especially in productivity.

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