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How to Choose Warehouse Lighting

Warehouses are perhaps the most important fragment of a business logistics system, having diverse functions in the development of trade and commerce. Being such a vital part of a business, proper warehouse lighting is essential to set the right work environment and increase productivity.

Why Do You Need Professional Warehouse Lighting?

Warehouses are an undeniably crucial part of the logistic system, and adequate lighting is one of the critical factors assuring safety, sustainability and overall logistics productivity.

Things to consider when choosing warehouse lighting

A poor choice of warehouse lighting cannot only obstruct workflow it might leave you with higher utility bills, increased maintenance costs and even workplace accidents. Therefore, you need to choose useful, low-maintenance warehouse illumination which consumes less energy.

Before choosing the right lighting for the warehouse, a few technical issues have to be kept in mind

  • Many warehouses are operated 24/7. It’s vital to purchase massive duty warehouse lights with control options like motion sensors to get maximum utility out of your lighting and reduce energy consumption. Motion sensors can balance and properly distribute lighting in different corners of the warehouse.
  • Colour temperature can make a significant difference in overall eye comfort and visibility for warehouse workers. It also helps to create a productive work environment. Between 4,000K-5,000K is the standard choice of lighting, allowing comfortable glare for workers and operators.
  • Depending on the horizontal and vertical space of the warehouse you will have to set the right wattage of the light and number of fixtures. For maximum coverage with brighter lights, 150 watts high bay lights are adequate for 15 feet wide spaces.
  • Energy consumption expenses are a big concern when it comes to warehouse lighting. Lumen flux measures the total quality of the illumination with higher lumens implying brighter lighting. Energy saving lighting will give you fewer fixtures with higher lumens. For instance, you can replace a 100 watt CFL light with energy saving light like LED with 1600 lumens. LED lights also prevent the warehouse from overheating, unlike typical CFL lights.

LED high bay lights: most convenient option for warehouse lighting

Maximum energy efficiency is one of the key factors when considering lighting for industrial purposes, and high bay lighting has advantages beyond just energy efficiency. Switching to LED high bay lights quickly reduces the requirements of the overall maintenance and the number of fixtures needed. LED high bay lights to have higher mounting heights which exceed 8 meters.

LED high bay lights to have the most favourable Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) balance with lower wattage fixtures and higher lumens.

The LED high bay lights have longevity like no other conventional warehouse lighting option, which means fixtures have to be changed less often and maintenance costs will be further reduced.

When considering your warehouse illumination needs, use the most cost and energy efficient high bay LED lights which will give you extra benefits over a long time. LED technology has made the task easy with efficiency, quality and it is turning out to be the most popular lighting in the industry.

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