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The Guiding Light: Tips for Using Lights for Home Improvement

The perfect home not only has the proper fixtures and adequate spacing but it also has to have the best lighting. You may have the best-looking furniture, but what good does it have if you or your guests don’t get to see it sparkle in all its glory?

The light does just that: Provide illumination, hide those things you don’t want people to notice, and most importantly, they highlight all the important pieces that you do want other individuals to see. Never underestimate what a correctly placed light source can do for your home, especially in the living room, where a lot of guests make the first impressions about you and your house. And we all remember the saying: First Impressions do last.

Here are some tips on proper lighting so that you can bring out the best in your home.

Scaling down the sources

A lot of people are placing table lamps in the living room so that they can use it as a centerpiece. However, did you know that by using a large pendant type light that you can highlight other pieces in your living room? Sculptural-modern type floor lamps can also double as a centerpiece when you place it in the right position in the living room.

Dimmers are second to none

Always add dimmers to places where you think several interactions will happen. The living room is a perfect example where people gather and interact with each other. Add dimmers so that you can set the mood whenever possible. It’s always a plus for your visitors when they know that you can tone down or heighten up the atmosphere at will. Several dimmers are available online with several sites such as LampTwist providing them.

Three is always a charm

Three light sources are always the way to go. These sources are the general lighting, precise lighting, and ambient. General lighting is the large source of light in a living room, say a chandelier or a pendant. Specific lights are desk lamps and other lights that help you in reading or doing something. Decorative lights or ambient lights are the mood setters a.k.a. The Dimmers.

Know your stuff

Although you aren’t required to know everything about lighting, it pays to know the basics. Knowing which type of light bulb to use for particular occasions. CFLs or Compact Fluorescent Lights and LEDs or Light Emitting Diodes are for energy efficient homes while incandescent lamps are perfect dimmers for those who want to have a warm and cozy atmosphere in their homes.


Light plays an important role in giving the best look for your house. A well placed lamp or light source can highlight the best qualities a centerpiece has to offer such as its contour, shape, size, etc. A few tips such as knowing the size of the lamp, using dimmers, and knowing basic knowledge about light sources can be a big help to make your home more attractive to visitors.

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Zachary McGavin is a writer and a blogger who is an interior designer by profession. His job is the reason why his articles focus more on home improvement and design. When not writing, Zach likes to spend time with his wife and pets at home.

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