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Must-Visit Offbeat Destinations of India

Usually, it is told that the Known is Better but what if the unknown is much better?

Did you think about that? If not then you must start thinking now. India offers plenty of destinations to visit that are known worldwide, India also houses the plethora of places that are barely touched by the human feet yet these places will definitely leave you totally mesmerized and awe struck. Now you would be wondering about these places and their qualities right? Need not to worry until the time I’m here!

I know you would be curious enough to know these places so, without any further delay, let me bring the list of the must-visit offbeat places of India.

This time, in your India Tour, explore something new, uncover something that is barely known. Sounds Good? Check out the below mentioned offbeat destinations of India you must explore at least once:


The small town of Madhya Pradesh is the destination that has played an extremely important role in glorifying stories of the different empires that once lived. Since this land served as a battle field for plenty of Kings and Emperors, this land is also known for its beautiful architectural marvel that would definitely capture your minds within no time. With some must visit locations, this destination will definitely serve as something amazing and new for you to explore.


Found in the Kargil District of the Jammu and Kashmir, the Zanskar is a location that is blessed with truly mesmerizing views of nature. Since it is situated in the Heaven on Earth, known to be the Jammu and Kashmir, no wonder, this destination known as Zanskar is a fully packed place with the best the best of nature, adventure and much more. Home to be the most dangerous frozen trek of India, Zanskar will definitely arouse your feeling for trying something new.


Being the largest delta in the world that comprises the 10,200 sq kilometers of the Mangrove Forest, this Sundarbans are famous for their Mangroves trees, and the Sundarbans National Park that it houses. Being the home to the Royal Bengal Tigers and other plenty of species that includes the Batagur Baska, King Crab, and Olive Ridley Turtles, this is the place that should be visited.


The wettest place on the earth is the destination named Mawsynram which is situated in the Meghalayas and located in Mawlynnong and Cherrapunji in the East Khasi Hills. Being the densely place with the extremely heavy rain, this is known to be the location for the rain lovers too. Do not forget to dance in the rains once you are here.


The location that is the first planned eco – tourism destination of India, is blessed with the stunning views of nature. Coming as a fully packed gift, the Thenmala location is the place that is loved by the nature lovers, wildlife lovers, entertainment and adventure lovers and for the ones who just look sometimes for leisure. This place will serve all.

So, as these destinations would arrest your minds in their attractions, you should at least visit them once till the time I would see you again.


For the ones who think I’m lost, I just chose the road less Traveled. A wanderlust girl not made up with sugar and spice, Adventure, fine Beer and Brains rather. So, no wonder, a Travel Blogger with Travelsite India.

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For the ones who think I’m lost, I just chose the road less Traveled. A wanderlust girl not made up with sugar and spice, Adventure, fine Beer and Brains rather. So, no wonder, a Travel Blogger.

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