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5 Things You Need To Do for a Cigarette-Free Vacation 

So not only have you decided to quit smoking, but hopefully, you’ve also begun the process! Congratulations! Stopping smoking can be challenging but rewarding for your body and mind.

However, keeping up your new habits outside your usual routine can be tricky, especially when going on vacation. Some people struggle to stop old habits when they enter celebratory settings. If you’re worried that an upcoming vacation will prove too tempting, make sure you do these five things while on vacation—keep the cigarettes out and the good times in!

1. Find Alternatives

Whether you’ve been without a single cigarette for weeks or reduced your number, you must look for a suitable alternative, especially if the rules on cigarette use in your chosen vacation spot are laxer.

Some people use vapes, like those made by WAKA Vape, as an alternative to smoking. While vapes can still be harmful because they contain nicotine, they offer a significant public health opportunity. It’s a way for former smokers to move away from tobacco cigarettes without going “cold turkey.”

2. Adapt SMART Goals

Hopefully, if you’ve started the quitting process, you’ve already become acquainted with SMART goals, but if not, SMART stands for:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Relevant/Realistic
  • Timed

This means rather than saying, “I want to quit smoking,” you say, “I’m quitting for two weeks, reducing my cigarettes to 2 per day, seeing friends to help me, starting from the 1st of June.”

But when on vacation, these goals will need altering, especially if you’re around people who are also smokers. So instead, you might set yourself a new plan that goes something like “I’m quitting cigarette smoking while on vacation, reducing my cigarettes to 1 per day, going for a walk if my friends want to smoke, starting from the first day of my vacation.”

3. Get Enough Sleep

Getting enough sleep is crucial to decreasing your stress levels, and when on vacation, you’re often in a new, exciting, albeit sometimes stressful place. You may not know the language or your travel arrangements might not go well. However, you’ll be able to manage these more stressful situations better on a good night’s sleep, meaning you’ll feel less need to reach for a cigarette.

You need at least 7 hours of sleep to function correctly, so keep the cigarettes at bay and prioritize your sleep!

4. Track Your Cravings and Distract

One study has shown that tracking apps are crucial to success when quitting smoking. The tracking process makes you face and understand your triggers. When in a new environment, you might have fewer stimuli, but you also might have more.

Download an app to increase your chances of success!

5. Adapt Your Support Network

An absolute must: if you’re going on vacation with friends, but you’ve only told your family that you’re stopping smoking, you must tell your friends too. This’ll help keep you accountable and prevent the vacation from being lonely.

Final Thoughts

Enjoy your smoke-free vacation by adopting these five points, increasing your chances of success. A break should be a time of exploring, adventure, and relaxation, not an obstacle to achieving your goals!

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