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4 Tips to Keep your Weight off While on Vacation

Many people see going on a vacation as a time to completely indulge themselves. They spend all of their time lounging and relaxing on the beach, drinking all the alcohol that they want and eating all of the delicious delicacies available in whatever place or country they go to.

For those who are not trying to lose weight, this is not a problem. They can eat whatever they want without having to think of how much calories they are consuming. Btu for those who are working hard to lose weight, even vacations are not exempt from the process.

If you are planning a vacation and want to make sure that you will not gain weight, check out some helpful tips below on how you can keep the weight off but still enjoy yourself.

  1. Exercise – you might think that this is supposed to be a vacation, you don’t want to even think about getting up early and going to the gym just to burn calories. But keep in mind that the key is to keep being active. You do not need a one-hour set at the gym just to exercise. Look for activities that can keep you active even while on vacation. You can go hiking up a mountain, or do an early morning jog and swim laps at the beach. You can even try learning a sport you’ve never tried, such as surfing or the like. All these are activities that are typical for a vacation, the great thing is that they keep you active and yet you still enjoy yourself.
  2. Prepare some of your own meals – the problem with going on a vacation and eating foods from restaurants or street food stalls is that you do not know just how much calories you are consuming. If you want to be smarter with your meals, it would be a good idea to prepare some of the meals yourself. Get an accommodation that has its own kitchen, visit the local farmer’s market and cook your food. You don’t have to do this for every meal so you can still enjoy your vacation. But maybe instead of snacking on greasy fast food, you can bring your own healthy snack instead.
  3. Keep in mind that moderation is key – there’s nothing wrong with indulging yourself, especially when you are on vacation. But you don’t need to stuff yourself with rich, greasy food in every meal during your vacation. You don’t need to deprive yourself, but you just need to be moderate in the food you eat. You can still order the food you want to eat, but focus on portion control and do not give in to bingeing on whatever is in front of you.
  4. Buy prepackaged meals – if you don’t have time to cook your own meals, you can instead invest on prepackaged meals that are already portion controlled, such as Nutrisystem. You no longer have to count the calories you are eating, and you can be sure that your body will have enough fuel to go about your itinerary for the day. You can learn about these meal plans from Debra from if you are interested in availing of it for your vacation.

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