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5 Lifesaving Gadgets You Probably Don’t Know About

There are so many innovations out there that it’s easy to lose track of what’s what. More’s the pity, since there is a whole set of gadgets that have been designed with accident prevention in mind. How often has some new invention or device come along, only to be overlooked and have people say after the fact “If only I knew that such a thing existed in the first place!”

And since sometimes one single piece of equipment can mean the difference between a close call and a fatal accident, it’s only fitting that we highlight a series of five life-saving gadgets that may have slipped under the radar. Read on, be aware, and get safe!

Imagine a hard hat that not only protects your head, but your lungs as well!

Carbon Monoxide-Sensing Hard Hats

The problem with carbon monoxide is that it’s tasteless, colorless, and odorless. It’s not called the “silent killer” for nothing. Now, picture a hard hat like the ones used in construction (already a safety device in its own right), but with sensors installed that detect carbon monoxide. Talk about a two for one deal! There are other construction-related gadgets to be found in the article “How Technology is Improving Safety at the Construction Site”.

A Smart Pill Bottle

Not to be confused with a bottle of smart pills, this device made by AdhereTech makes sure that you take your medicine when you’re supposed to. If you’re on some kind of medication that treats a serious condition, missing a dose could land you in hot water, or the emergency room, for that matter. This pill container has a sensor with wireless connectivity; it keeps track of the amount of medication left, and sends that information to the doctor and the patient. If the patient misses a dose, the bottle sends a text message reminder. Now, that IS smart!

Remote Pulse Monitor

People with a heart condition need to make sure that their physician has accurate, up to date information on their heart rate. This smart phone case, built by California start-up AliveCor, lets you record an electrocardiogram by resting the gadget on your chest or fingers. The information is then sent to the doctor for a real-time snapshot of what’s going on.

Bulletproof Bags and Shields

It’s an unfortunate truth, but workplace and school shootings seem to be dominating the news over the last decade or so. In answer to this, some companies have come out with products like computer bags and briefcases that can be turned into bulletproof shields or walls respectively. These devices can be found online and tend to run on the pricey side. For the more economically minded, there are bulletproof panels that can be bought and placed inside briefcases, book bags, or children’s backpacks.

AEDs and Apps

Short for Automated External Defibrillators, AEDs can make the difference between life and death for someone whose heart has stopped. Simple devices that require little training to operate, they can be used to treat cardiac arrest victims and buy them precious time while first responders are still en route. In fact, there’s a crowd-sourcing campaign being launched by the county and city of San Diego, along with the San Diego County Fire Chiefs’ Association, to create an electronic map identifying the location of AEDs in the San Diego area by use of an app called PulsePoint AED. That way, if someone goes into arrest, the app can show the location of the closest AED. Now picture that kind of arrangement, but on a national scale. Perhaps someday there will be a national registry in place so that no matter where you are, you can find an AED if you need one.

These are just some examples of the tech out there today that can help keep people alive and healthy. And what does one do with that extended life? Look for some cool gadgets to improve the quality of life like the ones featured in “Gadgets That Can Truly Make Your Life Easy And Comfortable”, of course!

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