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Types of Web Applications for Your Business Needs

With the rise of the Internet and a global change in the digital world, desktop applications have been replaced with online web applications. A web app is a website, program, or software designed to look and feel like a downloadable application. Web-based apps do not need any upfront installations so users can easily browse and utilize several web applications.

Nowadays every business looks for reliable, quick, and cost-effective solutions for building applications to reach users. With a web app, you can reach every customer not only over the web but also be available on their mobile phones.

Web apps help integrate the customized experience of apps with easy access on a website browser from any device. You can develop a web application for your business to provide a better user experience. Here, we have listed down the top web application development types. Choose the one, which meets your business needs and requirements, the most.

Static Web Application

The user and server do not interact with each other in a static web application. It is simply built with HTML and CSS to display relevant content and data. Static web apps display various videos, GIFs, and animated banners to attract users. Users can only read the information. An example of a static web app would be an online portfolio or digital curriculum.

Dynamic Web Application

A dynamic web application is considered one of the best web applications as it displays live data based on user requests. This type of web app is more technically complex than static applications. Lots of programming languages are used to develop a dynamic app but PHP and ASP.NET are the most common, as they are the easiest to understand when it comes to structuring data.

E-Commerce Web Application

Having a good eCommerce web appl is an important consideration if you need to have successful online sales. This is directly promoting the products or services to your potential customers. eCommerce apps include offering a user-friendly interface, providing information about services or products, adding new products, removing old products, and managing payments.

Portal Web Application

Portal web apps are one of the types of web applications that allow access to many different sections or categories through a home page. This application provides a secure platform, where users can log in using their user ID and password to make payments.  These apps can include plenty of things like chats, forums, user registration, search engines, email, financial transactions, etc. Online Banking Portals, Government Portals, Student and Faculty Portals, Patient Portals, Employee Portals, and Vendor portals are examples of Portal web applications.

Animated Web Application

Animated web applications refer to the Flash Player technology, which supports animation and synchronization on a web platform. Sqadeasy and Miki Mottos are excellent examples of animated web apps. You can display your content along with various animated effects with these types of apps. The main disadvantage of creating animated web applications is that they are not able for web positioning and SEO as search engines can’t fetch data from them.

CMS Web Application

A CMS platform (content management system platform) is a piece of software that allows multiple contributors to create, edit, publish, and manage content. CMS is one of the easiest types of web applications to learn and understand. CMS web applications are user-friendly and you can easily update content regularly. Some of the popular content management systems are WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.

It is difficult for a single web app to meet all of the requirements of any industry. Different types of web application development are suitable and appropriate for various organizations. You should choose your web app according to your business and target audiences.

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