A Review of the FlexDesk 640 Document Holder from BakkerElkhuizen

Are you suffering from back or other problems due to sitting behind your monitor all day typing documents from hard copies? If yes, I will not advice you to quit your job. Rather, my advice is that you learn how to work smart to stop straining yourself. This is where BakkerElkhuizen Inc comes in handy with the FlexDesk 640 document holder.

This amazing document holder cum writing slope enables you to work smart and safely all day, alternating between typing and writing on paper. It helps you maintain a good posture whenever you are typing or writing so that you are able to avoid poor posture problems.

FlexDesk 640 Features & Technical Specs

  1. Locks in two positions: you can push the product away from you as a document holder or pull it towards you to have a sloping surface for writing.
  2. Adjustable height range: up to 110-180mm.
  3. Construction: premium quality plastic with acrylic resin finishing for extra smoothness and beauty.
  4. Height settings: 3 (low, medium and high).
  5. Design: free standing.
  6. Angle range: adjustable.
  7. Suitable for: document of sizes up to A3. Can be a perfect document accessory for accounts departments that deal with tons of financial documents that need to be typed and stored on a computer.
  8. Holder consists of: satin worktop, gliding rails, and pen container.
  9. Weight: 2.2KG.
  10. Dimensions: (H x W x L)mm:110x 380x 515.

Watch FlexDesk 640 in Action


1. No Straining at All

This flexible document holder enables you or your employees to work smart to stop strain by improving their sitting posture. The product reduces not only neck strains but also shoulder and other types of strains you or they would experience, sitting at the desk while typing or writing any sort of document.

2. Improved Efficiency and Productivity

One of the key factors that could lower the levels of efficiency and productivity in an organization is when employees have to work with discomfort and pain due to poorly designed workstations. Luckily, this multifunctional document holder will enable your employees to type or write comfortably without straining. As such, they will not waste time trying to figure out how to deal with the pain and discomfort, but instead, be more efficient and productive.

3. Quality and Durability

Unlike many cheaply made document holders out there, which feature poor quality materials, this product features a premium plastic material and 5mm thick acrylate with a satin worktop, sturdy-gliding rails, as well as a pen tray characterized by a solid feel.

4. Convenience

Imagine having a document holder that also doubles up as a cool writing slope. Yes, that is what this convenient product does. It can be used as an in-line document holder that places any document you are typing where you do not have to strain your eyes and shoulders to see. In addition, this product creates extra space so you do not have to put other essential items that you need too far away from you due to limited space. Then when you decide to alternate from typing to writing, FlexDesk 640 provides a perfect slope for that.

5. Provides a Practical Storage Solution

The FlexDesk 640 document holder is, in fact, more than just a document holder and writing slope. This product also serves as a practical storage solution, providing a functional pen tray and storage where you can store your pens and keyboard, respectively.

6. Easy Height Adjustment

As said earlier, this adjustable document holder comes with three different height adjustment settings relative to your monitor. Ranging from 110 to 180mm, these height settings are easy to set up in relation to your screen so that you are able to work smart to stop straining.


1. Relatively Thick Design

Other than the thickness of this document holder, I did not see anything not to like about it. In my opinion, a document holder should be as thin as it can get so that it is lightweight and easy to carry.

Final Verdict

As you can see, FlexDesk 640 is an incredible document holder that comes with amazing features and benefits. For instance, this product prevents you or your employees from straining when writing or typing, improve productivity and offers quality as well as durability. In addition to these benefits, it also provides convenience, and practical storage, not to mention that it comes with three different height adjustments for best results. This is value for money.

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