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  1. Yes Hacking is a crime. It should not been done at all. They can press charges and get you banned form the site as the very least. Depending on the severity and how far they push it you can get into serious legal trouble.

  2. Facebook being the most popular social networking site, more than half of the world’s population use it. This makes it equally risky for the security related issues. Hackers are the most active people on Facebook. To prevent Facebook accounts from this hackers is the need of the time. Your suggestions for this are million dollar worth! Thanks for posting such useful post!

  3. I never really thought about protecting my Facebook account as I always thought this was Facebook’s responsibility not mine. Every now and then I change my password but that is really the extent of it. Good suggestions though.

  4. By experiencing this attack it made me to stay more alert till today. But it becomes very difficult to be alert all the time. All the fun when using social networking sites by staying alert for all the time is lost. But by using your suggestions it can still be avoided. Out of these https features which facebook has provided is the most effective I guess.

  5. Many of my friends’ FB account got hacked because they didn’t use strong passwords. While all 5 tips mentioned above are important, regularly updating/changing your password is also vital. Just remember to use a strong password.

  6. This might be a good way to prevent hacking your profile. My mobile phone was always been connected to my Facebook profile. In case that someone open my account, I can easily know! Thanks for the list. Very helpful to others as well!

  7. Hi Ron. Thanks for showing us all how to protect our Facebook accounts from being hacked. A friend of my had her Facebook account violated and it turned out to be an embarrassing mess.

    I intend to implement your 5 steps immediately.


  8. Another strategy is to get as many people to join facebook as possible. The more people there are the smaller the chance that you get picked 😛

    But seriously, this hacking happens way too much. It is probably never going to stop. These hackers are just too smart, they will figure out a way sooner or later.
    Too bad they are wasting their smarts on something like hacking.

  9. these tips here has been helpful in protecting my Facebook account against been hacked and i just want to say thanks 🙂

  10. Nice article with helpfull info….Despite the protection considerations that have troubled Facebook for years, most of the people still connect with their friends and family using Facebook and new members keep on sign up….hackers will steal our identities and that is simply with the visible data which we purposely reveal through our public Facebook profile…there are some tips for protect yourself from hackers like Hide your email address from your profile and use the special email id for your Facebook account, Choose difficult security question rather than pet names, favorite place, favorite food…Always use private browsing mode, Don’t show your personal information to all. The less information you share with Facebook, the more difficult to hack your account for hackers…………..thanks for sharing

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