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  1. I never realised autosave would affect your battery life. Damn.

    My batteyr life has never been good anyway – always forget to turn it off.

  2. I sometimes play CDs on my laptop while surfing… I guess I’ll just stick to my iTunes playlist then. Thanks for sharing this!

  3. I wish I knew these tips before I bought my MacBook. It’s been a short 2 years but already I can feel it’s dying and I’ll need to get a new laptop

  4. I have my laptop automatically derangement every week; it’s definitely helped. I had no idea not playing CDs and DVDs had an effect on your laptop’s life. I’m going to have to keep that in mind; because sometimes I feel like watching a movie in bed- and usually on my computer. Thanks!

  5. Some good power saving tips here. I know this takes ages, but I like to re-format my hard drive and re-install Windows every year or so. My notebook really flies after this and feels just like a new machine. Make sure you back up your data and have all your installation disks to hand before trying this though.

  6. These are just a few great tips in prolonging the life of your laptop. There are more when it comes down to maintenance and caring for your laptop. Knowing all these tips will definitely help in not only prolonging the life of your laptop, but making sure it runs like new even after you’ve had it for quite some time.

  7. I had no idea that leaving it plugged in killed the battery. I have had my laptop over 2 years and it is plugged in all the time – last week I unplugged it and though the battery was on full charge it died within 5 minutes!

  8. Minimize the number of programs running in the background. They have some battery usage there and take up memory too.

    And on top of defragmenting, you can disk optimizers such as jkDefrag which speeds up loading time of your most-used programs. Faster loading means less power used.

  9. One method that I found works to prolong the life of your laptop is to NOT let your kids use it, especially if they are toddlers. I know it can be convenient to let your kids watch a movie or play a flash game but if it’s your only computer, you run the risk of them breaking it.

  10. I didn’t know about the not using the auto-save function, makes sense though. Unfortunately I needed to read this article about 2 years ago, my laptop works on it’s battery for only about 30 minutes at a time now, I kept it plugged in a lot (I use it a lot!) and it isn’t working so well. I think next time I get a a new computer I need to get a desktop for constant use and a laptop for portability.

  11. Hello,
    I have a problem with my Acer laptop. Two days ago it started to show a cross in a place where it shows the battery level (the charge level was 100%). Today, I see it has the same, but the level is dropping down, now as I write it is 73%. I am sure it is connected to the power source.
    Please advice me. I’ll look back here

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