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Smart-phones Not Setting America Alight

forrester logoA recent Forrester report has shown that only 17 percent of American own a smart-phone. While mobile phone penetration is very high, with around 82% of consumers interviewed actually owning one and 73 percent reporting that mobile phones are their “most used device, the same cannot be said of smart-phone gadgets. This finding will perhaps come as a surprise to many that feel that smart-phones and tablet computers are widespread, particularly in the United States.

While users ranging from 18 to 40 years old are generally expected to own digital multimedia devices, the findings cut across all U.S. demographics i.e. less than one-fourth of all consumer groups. The Forrester report also adds that “less than one-fourth of American mobile phone owners have an unlimited data plan”. This means that the results of the finding can be interpreted as saying that majority of the most digitally savvy demographic groups depend more on cheaper, simpler mobile devices with limited access to data-supported services.

Perhaps, this is an indication that the vast majority of users, not just in the United States, are yet to be convinced that the benefits of smart-phones outweigh their usually exorbitant prices.

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Do you own a smart-phone? If not, why?

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