Google Chrome OS Launch Date Revealed

Google Chrome OS Concept
Image by FreeCliDent via Flickr

Speaking at Asia’s biggest information technology trade show – CompuTex Taipei, Google vice president of product management, Sundar Pichai, has said that the technology giant plans to release the Chrome operating system in the autumn or fall of this year. When released, Chrome OS, is expected to be free and compete with the most popular operating system in the world i.e. Microsoft Windows OS.

This news comes a day after a report that Google Inc. will stop using Windows internally because of concerns over its security vulnerabilities. Microsoft obviously were not happy about the report and insist that they do a better job of making their products more secured than any other organisation. While no operating system is 100% secure, there is no doubt that Microsoft’s Windows OS and Internet Explorer browser, gets more than their fair share of security attacks in past releases.

According to Reuters the Chrome OS, an open source operating system based on the Chrome browser, will be designed to initially work on laptop computers and made to work exclusively with Web applications. Consequently, users will need to have an Internet connection in order to use the operating system.

Talking Point

Do you expect Google to successfully challenge Microsoft Windows in the operating system’s market?

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  1. The Windows OS will most probably lose customers, specifically those who are using the internet almost all the time. For the other customers, though, the chrome OS may not appeal to them (maybe due to compatibility issues in certain programs).

  2. This will definitely affect Microsoft market share. Already, a significant number of people spend more time online while computing than they spend offline.
    Since Google is already the favorite search engine of many of such internet users, you can be rest assured that it won’t be difficult persuading them to do all their work within the same environment instead of switching back and forth.
    The fact that the Operating System is being offered FREE is another motivation for many to switch.
    However, corporate organizations may not take the plunge until they are sure the change is what they really need. Too many organizations have already built systems around Microsoft Operating System. Some customized software will also prevent some from switching even when they desire to.
    For example, I would have switched from Microsoft to Ubuntu finally, but for one particular software that cannot run on Ubuntu flawlessly.
    The end users are the one to benefit from this development since Microsoft will be forced to introduce a new motivation to retain their customer.
    It can be quite difficult to convince people to spend money on a product when there are free alternatives. 😉

  3. Unless computer manufacturers have Chrome OS installed from the factory, not many people will have it except for enthusiasts and people that buy netbooks with Chrome OS preinstalled.

  4. I think that there will definitely be some exodus of users to Google Chrome OS. But only limited to those who use it for internet purpose.
    What I see is that it will pose a challenge to APPLE’s IPAD and or IPHONEs system. in which many manufacturers will use it for their hardwares.

    It will bring costs down. Where I think Google will earn more from this free OS, because user will be getting ADS for such FREE USE, too.

    WHich I think is no BIG DEAL, and I am glad to use such FREE SOFTWARE with ADS, as IF I am now watching TV With ADS too.

  5. This has been predicted by many that Google will come up with their own OS. Probably because of the open source doc that they made available to the public. I really don’t think Microsoft has found out a way to deal with this. This is definitely the future but I’d give it around 10 – 15 years before they catch up with the MS OS.

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