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What Is Google Analytics And How To Use It To Improve Performance

Digital Marketing has become an entire industry that has its metrics and tools to measure the progress and performance of a website and increase the performance of a website as well. It involves the use of a variety of tools for various purposes, every tool offers unique functionality and helps digital marketers and SEO professionals to keep track of various campaigns and act when it is necessary.

Businesses around the world also invest heavily in maintaining their online presence through digital marketing and look for CMS-specific SEO services, for instance, a business having a website built on BigCommerce which is a renowned e-commerce content management system or CMS, for experienced BigCommerce SEO professionals capable of delivering desired results.

Talking about tools used for digital marketing, Google Analytics is a prominent one that is owned by Google itself to help businesses and digital marketers keep track of the performance of websites and take necessary measures to improve their performance when necessary. We have put together some useful tips about the appropriate use of Google Analytics to help you enhance the performance of a website with the help of this amazing tool. These tips are listed below:

Follow the Proper Process for the Addition of Google Analytics to Your Site

Make sure you have followed the right process for the addition of Google Analytics to your site before using it to view various metrics related to your site. A wrong setup may result in access to wrong data which will ultimately affect your website’s performance. To add this tool to your website, simply create an account to connect your website with analytics and add the given code snippet to the <head> tag of your website. Once you are done with the setup, Google Analytics will take some time to gather data on your website and then you can start analyzing multiple metrics related to the performance of your site.

Figure Out Your End Objectives

To use Google Analytics effectively, you need to figure out your end objectives and desired results. Once you are done with figuring out your goals it is time to focus on categorizing those goals.

Differentiate between your primary and secondary goals, now use Google Analytics for the goals you have set for your website. For instance, if your primary goal is driving more traffic to your website, then you can use Google Analytics to figure out what type of content relevant to the niche of your website grabs the attention of more consumers and then formulate the content accordingly.

Keep an eye out for the Bounce Rate

One of the most important metrics you can track through Google Analytics is the bounce rate. Simply put, the bounce rate represents the percentage of visits on a single webpage of your site. It enables you to keep track of visitors who leave after visiting the first page of your website. The lower your bounce rate is, the more engaging your website will be.

Therefore, if your website is dealing with high bounce rates, you need to turn your attention towards making its content more engaging and enhancing the user experience on your website.

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