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10 iPhone Apps Every Lawyer Should Have

Lawyers are among those people who use iPhones both for their personal use and as a working device. Various apps are available to suit the needs of a lawyer, and if you own an iPhone there are certain apps that you just cannot do without. iPhone has many applications, some that make a billable day easier and some helps you understand meanings of difficult words. Below is given a list of 10 iPhone apps every lawyer should have.

1. myCLE

This app helps keep track of your CLE hours and has a summary page that lets you know how much you are lacking in particular subjects. With the help of the app you can also email your credit details. It is not available in all states, but if you are living in New York, Florida, California and Texas, you can enjoy using this amazing app.

2. iPunchclock

Keeping track of every minute gets difficult, and more so while you are on the road. You can make use of various other time apps, but iPunchclock helps you keep many time sheets open, and has “shifts” for each of them. When you start a task, hit the start button, and the timer starts recording the shift right away. If you do not want the timer to run through the day, you can also enter details at the end of the day or the month.


Various Federal Rules of Civil Procedure apps are available, but Cliff Maier’s is the most successful one. There are many ways to search this version, by rule, by phrase, and title, and you can also email yourself the relevant sections. There are other rules to select from, like state procedural rules, rules of evidence and so on, but if you plan to download just a single set of rules, this is the perfect app.

4. Black’s Law Dictionary

While starting law school, this is the first book people generally buy, and many opt to download it. Those who are experienced enough might not even need it for months. But when you need it, you really need it, and nothing can be better than having it at the tips of your fingers. Black’s Law Dictionary has more than 45,000 terms, equivalent expression or alternate spellings for over 5, 300 terms.

5. Delaware Code

This is ideal both for the litigators and corporate lawyers, since despite where they practice, both need to know the Delaware corporations law. This app has the complete code. You can easily scroll down to the corporations, and this app might prove to be little comforting when you first appear in the chancery court.

6. Court Days

This is the perfect app for those litigators who are tired of using their fingers to count days in the calendar till when motions are due. Select the jurisdiction, type in the number of days till the deadline, and you get the exact date, considering the holidays, if required. Though this app does not have great reviews, it still can be a great mode for quick calculation, and has details about the official court holidays.

7. iPro Recorder

The best feature of the iPhone is its mobile dictation device. The app allows one-touch recordings. Moreover, you can find any part of the recording in just a jiffy. If a call comes, the recording automatically gets paused, and you can also email the recordings. Do not like dictating your briefs or letters? This app will still prove helpful, as you can take notes using it while on the road.

8. Yelp

This app is not useful for lawyers alone, but proves to be very helpful when you plan to take your clients out for dinner in some unknown site. Though there are other restaurant-related apps, Yelp is the best as it can help you find an eatery anywhere, even in rural areas. You can find out a high-end restaurant to keep your clients happy, or even a mid-priced one if you are cost-conscious.

9. Lawyer QuickQuotes

This app is for fun. It has various quotes from many lawyers including Ralph Nader to David Boies. While arguing with a lawyer you can search your related topic to find out if a well-known attorney can prove helpful. You can also shake your phone and make use of the random quote you then get offered.

10. Tetris

This might not prove helpful in your legal career, but will give relief when you are in some boring meetings. This is a great game for lawyers. You must have played it many times. You do not need to give it too much thought, so while playing it, you can still be attentive.

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This post has been written by Johne Prantel. He loves to write about Photoshop. He is evangelist at They provide best portrait photoshop plug-in for windows.



  1. myles

    July 11, 2013 at 3:40 pm

    A cool list, would try it out, but you know I’M NOT A LAWYER 😀

  2. Rohit

    July 12, 2013 at 6:04 pm

    nice set of iphone apps.., good to know that these apps are helping every man in the society, having variety of profession.

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