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Space Pack of Mophie Brings More Power, Memory Space To iPhone 5 & 5S

Mophie is basically famous for providing iPhone cases and battery-packing. At CES, it has come with a new product that gives not only power to phone but also adds about 32 GB of memory. ...

Top 5 Tablets Revealed At CES 2014

During the CES (Consumer Electronics Show), 2014 held in Las Vegas, huge smart-televisions with 4K resolution became the limelight of the show. However, it doesn’t mean that tablets, ...

Why Apple’s iPad Is Considered As A Boon For Medical Science

Surgeries are usually very difficult but liver surgeries are more complicated and difficult than others. Therefore, having a miraculous assistant is always needed. Dr. Itaru Endo (Director ...

Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 – The Jumbo Phone from Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 isn’t jumbo only in size but it also packs high-end features. It’s an Android phone with an 8MP camera on the rear and 1.9MP camera on the front. It packs ...
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A Comprehensive Review Of Top Selling Mobile Phones

Having a mobile phone is one of the essential requirements to stay updated and connected with the real world. But, how do we decide which smartphone is best suited for me. So many questions ...
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