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Nokia Lumia 510: High-end Windows Phone At An Affordable price

Nokia Lumia 510 is the latest Windows phone in the market but this cell phone is different from others. Nokia has certainly fulfilled its promise of delivering a high-end smartphone at reasonable price.

Nokia Lumia 510 is the most affordable Windows Smartphone available in the market today. It is cheap but it’s a high-end gadget, you would like to go with. A quick glance at the features of Nokia 510 would give you many reasons to own this phone. First of all, it is not just an ordinary phone as it is a smartphone from brand Nokia.

Nokia Lumia 510

The phone is equipped with Microsoft Windows 7.5 Mango OS and is the best device in its range. However, Microsoft has stocked a big surprise for the average Lumia 510 user with a 7GB of free online storage on SkyDrive. This space is enough for storing a load of files and since the files would be available on the web, users can access their data anytime anywhere from their Lumia 510 mobile phone. In addition, Internet users could take the free storage space as a gift from Microsoft.

If you are an internet user there is hardly any phone that can rival the new Nokia 510. Indeed, any discussion on internet features is incomplete without detailing the chipset and CPU of the phone. The Nokia Lumia 510 comes packed with a Snapdragon chipset and boasts of an 800 MHz Cortex-A5 CPU. The internal memory of the phone stands at 4 GB and there is no option for a card slot which probably explains why users are provided with the 7 GB storage by Microsoft. For Internet connectivity, it offers a wide range of options including HSDPA, HSUPA and Wi-Fi (the highest Internet speed available on HSDPA connections is 7.2 Mbps).

Furthermore, a large 4-inch screen completes the Lumia 510. This screen is perfect screen for web browsing, reading web content, checking emails and flicking through pictures. Users can even enjoy online games on this cell phone. Another great feature of the Nokia 510 is that it updates the address book with everything the user wants thereby saving time along the way. There is also no need to scroll through separate apps to access Facebook and Twitter on this phone.

Although some users might find its 5 MP camera unimpressive, they can manage to take excellent pictures with its supportive camera features such as auto-focus  Geo-tagging, touch focus and face detection. The VGA video camera can make videos @30fps but there is no secondary camera. Whilst high-end users might be disappointed by the lack of a secondary camera, the manufacturer is not exactly targeting the high-end users with this phone. Instead, the main target of the Nokia Lumia 510 are those mid-segment users who have been waiting for affordable Smartphone to be launched.

Finally, the Nokia Lumia 510 comes in bright colors and bold design so that users can make it a statement of their personality. The selection of white, cyan, black, red and yellow color suggests that Nokia wants to make its Lumia 510 a fashion Smartphone. Indeed, the Lumia 510 has everything one might expect from a high-end phone and as a result of its affordability, users would certainly like to replace their basic phones with this Smartphone.

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  1. Annelise

    March 20, 2013 at 7:12 pm

    They look so cool! I am really glad about Nokia’s new series, I guess that the company is back to the top, they only had to change the OS. These affordable models might be a great choice, are there already available and 3D printable cases for them? My brother has just bought a 3D printer so he could produce me nice cases just like for the Lumia 900.

  2. David Martin

    March 21, 2013 at 5:56 pm

    I agreed with you “Annelise”. If they bring Android phones along with Windows and other platform then it will be good for the company.

  3. Esther Paul

    May 4, 2013 at 8:55 pm

    Lumia is just cool but it would be damn awesome if Nokia moves to Android too. But this is an amazing phone when it comes to Windows OS.

    I will go for one when they start using Android OS till then will be happy with my Samsung Galaxy SII phone 🙂

  4. Nicks

    June 24, 2013 at 11:16 am

    I just love Nokia’s Hardware. But as you said Esther, They must accept the popularity of Android and Move their development team towards Android.
    Windows is also good OS but the Problem behind that is Less developer and confusing User Interface. if windows solve this big hurdle, I will surely buy Nokia Phones.

    • Joseph Admin2

      June 25, 2013 at 12:56 pm

      If Nokia leaves windows we could well say goodbye to Microsoft in that market.

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