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A Better Battery For The Upcoming Samsung S4

Following Reuters report that the Samsung Galaxy S4 would be launched on 14 March, it appears that a lot of people may have been shocked by how fast the organisation could come up with a better version of their best phone yet (the S3) and go on to top it, overtaking the iPhone along the way. Surely, most smartphone enthusiasts are waiting to get their hands on the S4 and, waiting has never been easier.

Upgrading to a better and newer phone has become a trend for us consumers as we strive not to be left behind. Apart from the improvement of regular features such as the screen display, it’s good to know that Samsung has also thought about their improving the batteries on the S4. According to latest reports, the Samsung S4 will be using 2,600 mAh and of course NFC will also be included.

NFC or Near Field Communication is one of the most established technology being used in Smartphones today. It is by itself a set of short-range wireless technology that will typically require a 4cm distance to initiate a connection. Going back to the new Galaxy S4, rumors have it that this model will have an NFC that is built into its battery instead or opposed to the Galaxy Note 2 that had its NFC on its back cover.

What’s so important is that the battery, rated at 2,600 mAh, [deduced with this simple yet understandable formula – (mAh = Wh x 1000 / V)], is much bigger compared to the S3’s battery at only 2,100 mAh.

We might ask why Samsung (fairly known to make phones and accessories thinner) would use a bigger battery for the S4. The reason is pretty obvious i.e. because providing effective and efficient system for the phone, and being able to supply sufficient power is still very  important. Specifically, because the Samsung S series are packed with lots of exciting features, this battery will maximize the phone’s power to keep up with our tasks, apps and daily phone usage.

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  1. myles

    March 20, 2013 at 3:29 pm

    Well this phone. S4 is the most awesome device i have ever seen. You know , it is somewhat awesome. . .

  2. Bale

    March 20, 2013 at 5:55 pm

    It will definitely give tough competition to Apple’s iPhone. Really awesome gadget.

  3. bonooobong

    March 20, 2013 at 6:53 pm

    I’ve already read some test, and the hardware of the S4 has won all the speed test, highly above the iPhone. (Although the hardware of the SIII has been already stronger than the chipset of the iPhone5. I’m looking forward to the 5s of Apple, I think itS going to be better as well…

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