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Space Pack of Mophie Brings More Power, Memory Space To iPhone 5 & 5S

Mophie is basically famous for providing iPhone cases and battery-packing. At CES, it has come with a new product that gives not only power to phone but also adds about 32 GB of memory. It is best suited for computer and iPhone.

Mophie’€™s latest case comes with a new innovative function. The new accessory allows you to charge your device as well as store desired data of up to 32 GB. However, it is similar to previous ‘Juice Pack Air’€, but there are still some differences. The main difference is its shiny glossy metal power indicator button that replaces the plastic version from ‘Juice Pack Air’€.


On the hood, you can discover a 32GB or 16GB of storage capacity plus a powerful 1700mAh battery. You can connect it to Apple’€™s iPhone 5 or 5S through a removable bottom part that can also be used as the linking point to micro USB charging and data transfer.

Most of the individuals throughout the world consider Mophie as a company that manufactures battery for the mobile phones. But according to a senior director at Mophie, Charlie Quong, the company is not only into the business of making battery for the mobile phones but also it is going to be the main organisation in the field of smartphone accessories. Hence, this new innovative product is first step in accomplishing a desired future goals set for Mophie.

When you connect ‘Space Pack’€ to a computer, it is recognized as mass memory machine, just like a digital cam. Moreover, Mophie has also created an application with hooks in Mail, Photos and other significant iOS 7 apps, especially for iPhone use.

Navigating via files in the ‘Space Pack’€, works just like flipping via finder browser. All the files are sorted as well as pooled by using metadata. These files can be easily accesses through the videos, documents viewers, music and app’€™s gallery.

Moreover, the gallery supports export/import to the Apple iOS 7 camera roll. You can also find a sync feature to backup the library to this incredible ‘Space Pack’€. This application also includes its camera feature for swift snaps.

Apart from that video loading is really fast. In our test, we haven’€™t noticed any jittering or stuttering while playing back video footage straight from Space Pack. A fantastic music player is also added to this app.

For transferring files, this app support greatly AirPlay, AirDrop, email and text attachments. It means you can easily share a desired file by simply putting the case on your friend’€™s device. There is also a security option provided to get a password both in Space Pack and App.

The app also features power backup gauge and an important usage pie list that split into many file types such as music, videos, email etc. They can be utilized with iOS7’€™s ‘€œOpen with’ feature.

Presently apps are more powerful than ever, and hence, consumes lots of energy and storage space. However, you needn’€™t worry more about huge data storing as Space Pack is ready to help you. It solve two important problem i.e. battery and storage.

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