Social Games Vs Traditional Games

social-traditional-gamesSocial games are on the path to becoming the “next big thing” on the Internet as traditional gaming Web sites and platform users appear to be drifting away. This new trend is being boosted by the emergence of social-networking sites such as Facebook, which incorporates computer games with their Web site and allow users to play free games online, with friends.

With several hundred million registered users on social-networking sites, it is perhaps no surprise that traditional game users are being lured away from console games to play with acquaintances on these sites. Game titles such as Farmville, Mafia War and Cafe World, on Facebook, now boast of several million players everyday. This trend points to the emergence of social and online gaming as an area that can be further developed by experts in the games and entertainment industry.

Game sites such as Mytopia Online and Playfish are already taking advantage of the development by combining the idea of gaming and social networks. Gamers on this sites can now play games such as puzzle, board, card and casino games with friends from social-networks such as Facebook and MySpace.

Talking Point

As gamers move from fee-paying game sites to free-to-play social-game sites, do you see the gradual and eventual annihilation of traditional game sites like Yahoo Games, Pogo and AOL Games?

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71 Responses to "Social Games Vs Traditional Games"

  1. If Face Book introduces games on their website, then everybody will be hooked to it. No matter where your friends are, you can play games with them online. No doubt it will be great success.

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  2. Brandon Slots says:

    Many companies are beginning to realize the potential of social games and starting to adapt their games for social platforms. One such example are companies that used to offer free online slots on their websites, and integrating their games into social platforms have allowed them to gain greater exposure.

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  3. Fran says:

    I think who ever has the next new game will do well. Gamers move to the latest game sites so you never know who will be the next one to have all gamers on it.

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  4. Douglas says:

    Social games can really grab a much larger audience.

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  5. Ryan Chute says:

    thanks for sharing this is really helpful for me.
    and also for my business.

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