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How to Write a Personal Statement for Business Studies

A lot of students apply for Business Studies specializations in the USA. And no wonder: even if they do not want to become a businessperson in the nearest future, they will definitely master the following skills: logical and analytical skills, ability to communicate your thoughts clearly, problem-solving, ability to work with figures and present yourself in a proper manner.

With a wide range of skills we mentioned above, business school graduates can easily find jobs in areas other than business including trading, advertising, bank management, investment, market research, sales, marketing, insurance, etc.

Therefore, if you are thinking about applying for a place at a Business School, then you are on a right way. The only problem that might still be left is crafting a persuasive personal statement that would get you into the business school without any problems.

You wonder how you can create such a statement? Read on to find all the useful information you need.

7 tips on how to create a convincing personal statement

1. Articulate your thoughts clearly.

One of the key peculiarities of people that fit the image of the business studies graduates is the ability to speak clearly and logically. That is why, when composing an essay about yourself that has to get you into the Business school, you need to speak very clearly. Do not jump from one thought to another, but rather explain your motives and reasons carefully.

Let your text be logical and keep the big picture and the ultimate goal in your head at all times. This way, you will sound like a wholesome personality, and that is the exact type of people the Business schools are waiting for.

2. Explain why you chose this college.

It is important to emphasize that you invested time and effort when choosing the universities to apply for instead of randomly picking the ones that are the closest to you. Only when the colleges see your desire to study at their particular educational establishments will they feel like giving you a chance. Therefore, from the very beginning of your writing, you need to specify why you chose this specialization and this course as well as how your future plans are tied with this choice. Be very specific and accent the answer to this questions before anything else.

3. Tell the admissions board why they should choose you.

This is not the time for you to shy away. On the contrary, it is your chance to impress the board and present your good qualities in the right light. That is why we recommend you name a few of the qualities that make you a perfect fit for them. To make sure that you are mentioning the right qualities, we recommend you saying a word about your great mathematical skills and logical thinking. These are the qualities that most business schools expect from their future graduates. However, do not lie in the personal statement if you do not have these skills, but rather change the focus and emphasize qualities like dedication, desire to make the most and great quantitative skills.

4. Show them that you are a great problem-solver.

You need to demonstrate your reflective skills if you want to get into the school like this. Thus, if you have a real-life example, then you should mention it here. Alternatively, compose an essay in such manner that your way of thinking and ability to look at things critically is obvious. If this is too complicated for you, then you can seek the assistance of special proofreading services. They have the eye for such things and can help you create convincing essays in less than no time. In general, proofreading means examining your text to find and correct errors and mistakes in grammar, style, and spelling.

5. Be the real person.

Of course, schools are looking into your ability to analyze and work with figures, but they are also looking for bright personalities. This is what makes you different from other A-students applying for a place there. Tell them what you do outside the school what books you read, and what activities you are involved in these days.

Try not to talk about books that everyone else is reading, because it does not make you any different from other applicants. On the contrary, you make the admissions board think that of you as of a part of the general public, no different from others whatsoever.

What special skills do you have? Is there a unique hobby you love doing in your free time? Think over the good answers and add them as a part of your personal statement.

6. Share your goals and aspirations.

It is a great idea to share what you are willing to achieve in your life in general and within the next five years. Your passions and desires described under this section will give the admissions board a clear understanding of your personality. Moreover, they will be able to see whether the education you will get at their educational establishment is of any practical use to you according to your long-term plans. So, be wise when talking about your future and add this college to it as well.

7. Demonstrate your achievements.

Businesspeople must have the spirit of the winner. They need to be passionate when it comes to competition and strive to become the best player, student, employee, etc. That is why it would be great if you could list your recent achievements. Think of all the things you have achieved in the past and tell the admissions board about them. For instance, mention how you won a swimming competition, as this will demonstrate that you are a dedicated worker. State how you won the Presidential elections at your school to show that you are a good leader and people trust you. Think of other examples from your own life and make sure to add them to your personal statement.

The competition between the numerous applicants for Business Studies at different colleges is huge. However, do not worry about it: with our simple tips, you can create a top-notch personal statement that would convince the admissions board to accept your candidacy for the place.

What are your secrets of composing a killer personal statement? What would you suggest writing about? We would love to hear about your experience and share it with our readers too. So, answer in the comments below!

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