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Wireless Video Transmission and Streaming Live ‎

Innovative people of the past had tried to solve the age-old dilemma of humanity on how to capture and preserve meaningful events as they unfold. Although up to this point, this desire to capture an event as it unfolds is not yet totally solved by humans, because the past is said and considered to be the past, and no one has gone back to the past. Humans, however, have taken a step closer towards the realization of capturing events by inventing video cameras that are capable of capturing and preserving video files digitally. With the invention of video cameras, events in the past can be viewed back and enjoyed again. Although video cameras could not really let you go back to the past, it can at least help you feel again the nuances and textures of the events of the past. Additionally, with the availability of HD video cameras and the internet, captured video files can be shared with other interested people via streaming live or file downloading.

The Primary Benefit of Streaming

As the internet expands and more bandwidths become available for use by online users, the range of wireless transmissions likewise expands. With the introduction of various internet protocols that allow for greater compression of files, video files can now be easily compressed for conveyance via the internet. The availability of all these technologies engenders the evolution of streaming technology that allows for continuous flow of data files online. Previous to the onset of streaming technology, data packets like video files first have to be completely downloaded, before an end-user can watch it. With the streaming technology at hand, videos and other files can now be watched even if the downloading process is still going on.

Streaming technology is greatly complemented by wireless video transmitter. With the availability of wireless transmitters, videos can be transmitted and streamed online and can be watched by people anywhere there is an internet connection. Via wireless video transmission, live broadcasting has been made easy, and anyone who is capturing a video footage in Paris, for example, can stream live the video to any part of the world. Streaming and mobile video transmission, therefore, expanded the range of live broadcasting, allowing anyone with smart device and internet connection to stream live videos online.

Applications of Video Streaming and Wireless Video Transmission

The range of applications and use of video streaming via wireless transmission, aside from its use in broadcasting industry, is far-reaching and very expansive. It can play a significant role in various fields of human endeavors such as in the area of education. In education, for example, it can play a vital function in the streaming of video lectures, presentation of ideas, and in relaying various educational information. In the music industry, it can also play a pivotal role in the popularization of music genres and bands. It can also be a potent tool in the advertising campaign of businesses. Moreover, in the military, it can readily provide a vital tool in the intelligence gathering capability of the military. Lastly, it can also be used in transmitting live feed from drones that could play a critical role in critical situations like fire, war, crime-suppressions, and many other situations that necessitate live video feeds.

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