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Windows RT Tablet – The Latest From Nokia

Reliable sources claim that Nokia is all set to resume its activities devoted to development of Windows RT tablet which could be unveiled as early as February as per the reports in Digitimes,  that reports information based on tips from a Taiwan based supply chain source. Though Nokia had ambitious plans to launch the new 10-inch device in 2012 itself, what could have made them put a hold was the launch of Microsoft’s Surface that could have resulted in clash of interests with both failing to take off.  Going by the unconfirmed reports, Nokia is pushing its R & D department to have the device ready to be unveiled at the trade show of the Mobile World Congress in February 2013.

Another source from the Verge claims that the screen display size could be a wee bit larger at 10.01inches (not that it makes too much of a difference) with HDMI and USB ports. The rumor also claims to have inside information that says that the device will have a cover that lets the device be closed and opened like a book, which will also serve as a kickstand and a keyboard. The additional feature is an external battery that people on the go will certainly love, as a single charge is expected to keep the device going nonstop for a good 10 hours, with options for a quick recharge that will give half the required charge in a very short time.

The sources that claim to be familiar with Nokia’s game plans, claims further that the battery in question would be part of the exclusive cover, though the mysterious mechanism that increases the charging speed and reduces the time by half is yet not completely understood or explained. The tablet is expected to be equipped with the S4 processor from Qualcomm, and the first batch is not expected to exceed 200,000 in number for reasons best known to Nokia. Maybe, they wish to test the markets or create an artificial demand by releasing a limited quantity, or to get a better feel of Windows 8 that the device will be running.

Though the rumor may sound like it emanated recently, it was as early as last March that Marko Ahtisaari acknowledged that Nokia did have such plans and was working on it briskly.  A few months later it was Stephen Elop, CEO of Nokia, confirmed the rumors, though not with much details. Elop was also of the view that the almost perfect timing they were looking for had worked in their favor as Windows 8 from Microsoft had been released. The optimization of Windows 8 for touchscreen devices, especially the 10-inch tablets has been talked about a lot these past few months. What’s more, the device is expected to have cellular access, and hence it is most likely that a US release is also planned during the launch. However, the question on most people’s minds is what Nokia proposes to do to make the device different from the ones already crowding the market, apart from the unique cover design.

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