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windows blue

Almost everyone in the whole wide world has a cellular phone, and in relation to that statement is the fact that almost everyone came from using personal computers before getting hold of mobile phones, smart phones, and tablets. It is quite amazing to take a look back at how our ways of communicating evolved through eons, but really, if we try to take just a little glimpse of that, we are rude if we do not take note of how operating systems (OS) evolved as seemingly the souls of every gadget.

Microsoft through the years

Yes, your phone right now, as well as your desktop cannot work without an operating system. And perhaps, the most popular OS today that will for sure ring a bell is Microsoft Windows. Ask your grandmother, or your not so tech-savvy father, because they will for sure say that they can remember this OS. Microsoft Windows had accompanied billions of people worldwide, through generations!

As early as 1985, Microsoft had already introduced Windows, an operating shell meant to assist MS DOS as it caters the growing number of Internet subscribers at that time. The first versions of Windows are Windows 1.0 and 2.0. Judging from the names themselves and their use of the first numbers in the numerical line up, perhaps these OS are really ancient! Following the two are Windows 2.1x, 3.0, 3.1, 9x, NT, XP, Vista, 7, and of course the almost recently launched Windows 8 and Windows Phone.

As we can see, Microsoft Windows has acquired some sort of respect and fiery reputation in the industrial realm. It has uplifted the level of technology and its utilization for everyone across the world. As Microsoft Windows continue to invade the world, we might want to meet the latest addition to the Windows family.

Windows 8

Widows 8, the latest version, was launched in 2012 and was immediately made available to the public. It has some unique features and can be best recognized because of this: all your applications, websites, etc. are gathered like colorful boxes of all sizes in your start up screen. You get real time updates of news, weather, of messages from your friends, and so on and so forth all at the same time!

You get to try different entertainment-related applications in your fingertips, from games, to music, videos, VoIP apps like Skype, news, photos, etc. You are armed with all these through Windows 8, all you need is download them and you are good to go.

Saving different sort of files are made easy as well. You can save it by using SkyDrive which lets you see and manage your files whenever and wherever. Your files are simultaneously saved in your tablet, personal computer and smart phone!

Microsoft Windows seemed to have become one of the leaders of technological innovations. In fact, just this year, Windows 8 has been upgraded into Windows Blue. It has been said that it would make a new release, and will formally be called Windows 8.1. Truly, we can now say that we have entered a totally different world, in a sense that this world continues to evolve to make life easier, just like Microsoft Windows. Its massive abilities and features let individuals experience the incredible aids for communication. Families and friends are more efficiently connected. Businesses that have smartphones, tablets, and laptop convertibles running on Windows 8 can also integrate to phone systems reliant on the Internet, such as the RingCentral business VoIP.

Microsoft Windows might continuously see the need to innovate and invent for mankind’€™s needs. Hence, it seems like every time it surprises its subscribers with more exciting offers and creations. So here’€™s to better and brighter communication for today and tomorrow!

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