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Will Millennials be Able to Make a Career in the Print Industry?

What Millennial would even think of making a career in print when print is considered as outdated? This is a preconceived perception that people have about print being run by old-fashioned companies hence it’s not the first choice as a career for many people. This just a myth that everyone carries with them that there is no opportunity for the new generation.

Well, tables can be turned if you want to. Since we already know that Printing is there for long, and then it is not hidden from anyone that now there will be dire need of the youth. The print owners are now getting hold and need to retire. However, this will happen only when the Millennials are ready to accept that the Print is booming and is digitally doing better than the traditional printing ones. We all know that Millennials are looking for career options where they can rock the workplace with their caliber.

The new generation should take this, as opportunity where they will excel, be able to show their creativity and work on a digital platform. Ignoring this opportunity might lead to missing on a fast-growing career.

Aging Employees opening doors for New Generation

There is scarcity of youth leaders in the print industry. The aging leadership in the printing companies will lead to huge vacuum. This vacuum needs to be filled, this can be done when qualified, and talented young people take over their positions. This cannot be done without spreading the word about new opportunities in the market for the youth.

Opportunity for Millennials

If Millennials take this opportunity seriously and dedicate time to understand and learn the new system, soon they will be in high demand. Many printing shop owners wish to retire, and then there is a requirement of new people who can understand the new technology better. The young talent is so much demand to take over these positions. This is one of the fastest ways to reach the niche and get ahead of the competition.

What Printing Companies need to do?

To be able to get the youth in the print culture it is important you start developing relationships with colleges. You can a speaker form your company go there for a lecture and talk about the benefits, changes and the opportunities for adopting the print culture. Take part in the job fairs where you can directly get in touch with the young talent and offer something that will catch their attention immediately. There is a lot you can think on what you want to offer them so that they will accept the offer.

Direct Influence of the Millennials

You have to let the Millennials know that they have a strong effect on the market. The digital printing is one industry where the new generation will excel and can take it to new heights, with their new ideas of marketing. The digital printing is already growing and with new ideas from the Millennials will bring it more fame than ever before.

How Millennials Make a Difference

The Millennials know better about the marketing and the latest strategies that will bring it success. Using their skills for the development of print industry can bring an amazing turn in their career. Their experience and coming from the new generation will help printing companies understand what people expecting today and what necessary changes need to done in their current system. The Millennials play a major role by updating the printing companies of what is the current trend and help them make those changes.

How Printing Companies have to act?

The market and its demands are changing more than ever before. Print is still used for the creating brand awareness of the companies. The demand of gaining attention is still on, as a print provider you need to understand their requirement and see if you can help. Having a Millennial in the team will help you and your team to match with the current trends. If you do not have those features demanded by the companies, they will help you find the right solution for it. Therefore, you need to choose the right one your team.

How Millennials influence the Market?

Take any company if they have new and young employees in their team, it shows the company is growing. Similarly, if the print industry will have Millennials in their company, they will be the new face of the company. Clients and customers will be sure to get something new because they know that a new generation is there. Millennials have a very strong influence on the market, so entering in the print industry to build a career will always be beneficial.

Importance of Marketing

Marketing plays a major role in success and growth of any company. Millennials being a part of that market, know what the current demand is, hence they help you use those new strategies that will help you capture the market well. Companies are looking for specialist who can help in marketing and branding of their company. A Millennial leadership will help in leading the company in achieving success from using the latest trends.

Every business uses print in some form or the other. Moreover, this is what the new generation can explain using different methods. The old generation might not be so tech-savvy, but the Millennials are all about technology and it will not be difficult for them to bring out the importance of print in everyone’s life


Millennials can make an awesome and growing career in the print industry if they learn and understand things with focus. Companies need to educate the youth about the importance of the printing industry and how digital printing can bring a lot of difference to their career. Companies need to open opportunities for the youth but they also need to let them know the importance of the printing industry. You need to highlight the opportunities printing firms hold for the Millennials. They also need to let them know what a printing firm needs to do in order to be more successful.

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This is Amy Watson works for Design’N’Buy, a leader in Web2Print software solution. She has more than 5 years of experience in product customization software. She has just research, analysed and introduced about web-to-print product customize software to use anytime from anywhere.

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