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An In-Depth Guide to Copier Paper

For any printing that you need, a particular kind of paper is suitable for the work.

Unfortunately, with the numerous printing papers in the market, it can be challenging to determine the ones suitable for your printer and the right ones for the job you want to do.

If you are looking forward to doing some printing work, you will find the insights in this in-depth guide useful for your future printing jobs.

Types of Printing Papers

There are varying types of printing papers, and each has its benefits and uses. The most common printing papers include:

Inkjet printer paper

It has a design that makes it suitable for particular use with inkjet printers. The inkjet papers come in different forms including photo, glossy, business card and greetings card varieties that work perfectly with inkjet.

Laser printer paper

It is the best type to use with a laser printer. It is common in business, and it is suitable for use when printing cheques, mailing labels or documents.


It is the most common type of paper, and it works perfectly for the majority of your daily printing tasks. It has a white coating which allows the ink to dry faster unlike other varieties of papers. Thus, you can use it for documents that need it within a short moment.

Bright white paper

They are sheets that are smoother and non-textured hence they are appropriate for use when you need high quality yet presentable double-sided printing. Since it is a bright paper, you can print both sides and certainly the ink will not show on the other side.


It was traditionally preferred when printing images or photographs but not text since it yields brilliant colors and sharp images. The paper’s surface absorbs ink, and it gives highly clear images, unlike what you would anticipate getting from matte paper.

Card stock

It is a sturdy paper type that has wide use for scrapbooking or printing business cards and other kinds of printer paper. It lasts long and you can carry it without getting tattered.


It has more weight, unlike the traditional paper and boasts a few off-white appearances. This kind of paper is distinct from other types of printer paper since it features a creamy tone. It has a wide application when printing resumes and other crucial documents as an indicator the printed information is of great value.

Paper Coating Types

The printing papers are available in the different coating, and they offer a particular finish which determines their suitability to particular jobs. Some of the common coatings include:


It is available in either gloss, satin or dull finish; you can tint it in particular colors. It is an affordable type of coating, but it offers lower protection, unlike other laminates. Varnish coating is important since it adds a professional appearance to a photo.

There you got it, the in-depth guide to copier paper. The guide will help you do away with doubts while doing your next printing job.

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