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Why You Need To Use 3D Software

If you have been involved in the IT industry for last few years, or you are habitual gamer, you would know about the extra-ordinary emergence of 3D software and Animation industry in last 3-4 years. Movies such as Avatar and Tin Tin has made dreams come true for animation artists and made it extremely easy to develop astonishing Animations that people could not even think of a decade ago. Everything from Sounds, Colors, Mixed Media, Cartoon characters and Fluid Movements have been enhanced to a great extent and by the way this industry is going you can only imagine how far this industry will actually go.


Due to the availability of a variety of Animation software, it has become quite easy for new animation students to learn the art of 2D and 3D animation and make their way into this career of huge potential and fortune. Because, there are tons of jobs and freelance work available in this market, therefore getting into this market can be a very good career move for people with a little creative sense.

People, like me, who are not very artistic and creative by nature but want to create amazing graphics and animations to impress their Bosses, can use this 3D Animation software to create those eye-popping animation effects without much hassle, these software can help you creating such interesting and attractive animations that will make people contact you to create something similar for their own brand. This industry is booming right now, and you can rest assure that these software will help you create them without having to be creative on your own part.

Experts in 3D animation industry are earning handsome amounts each month, both by serving professionally in a company or by offering freelance services to the clients worldwide. I have served a company for almost 8 years in a 3D animator role, and my compensation was much more than that of a Website Application Developer. This indicates that creativity and visual effects mean more to the corporate world than the features of the application itself.

Not only is designing 3D animations easy but creating a full fledge game, and lively looking animations (that of cartoons) is also very easy with these software available in the market. This 3D designing software has made it very easy and cost effective for companies to create these highly customized animation effects for clients and in house projects. Process of developing these animations through popular Animation software is both efficient and cost effective. And only 1 resource can be enough to cater all the animation projects. Hence digital media companies really feel the need of buying these 3D animation software solutions. Features like Render Farm make this a very long term and profitable investment for business in this industry.

If you are in advertising or media industry and not making use of this ultra helpful and cost-effective solution, than you are missing out big time in both your time, and money. Creating 3D animation without these latest and cutting edge software can be very costly, and time consuming for the company, hence everyone should be using this software to increase the productivity in their work place and ensure the timely delivery of the animation projects.

About Author:

Romain is a technology blogger who loves to write amazing articles on technology and gadgets, he is also a expert in 3d designing and uses render farm maya software to create amazing graphics

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  1. myles

    May 8, 2013 at 6:12 pm

    3D sottwares really raise the level of the experience. They are really useful. Nice post BTW

  2. bonooobong

    May 8, 2013 at 8:55 pm

    While 3D printing at home is getting more popular, people will need to get some 3D modeling skills or a 3D scanner to get some .stl files to print. As a 3D print enthusiast and a 3D modeler, I have to say that most people don’t have got these skills. There are a lot of open-source 3D modeling environments like grasshopper or blender, and they are easier to use than the professional editions like Maya or 3dsmax. check out my blog for my 3D modeling experiments and 3D printed designs;)

  3. Sudipto

    May 10, 2013 at 12:40 pm

    Hey Brandon,
    Nice post and Thanks for sharing this post with us. I never used 3D software but after reading this post it really seems interesting and now I am thinking of using it.

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