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Why are you Productive When you Work Outside?

Today, the concept of being a freelancer has become widely accepted across this generation of people. Now that you don’t have to settle for a 9 to 5 job in an office and instead find project-based work through freelance websites, many people choose to go with the latter. Some choose to work from their homes, but it can get a little too unruly at times. This is why most freelancers choose to look for a virtual office in Manila. Working at home is very convenient, but at the same time, there are people who can’t be productive in a place where they feel comfortable. Virtual offices and places that are made for freelancers, such as co-working spaces and sometimes coffee shops are the go-to places for people who can’t work in the comfort of their home and have no office to boot.

In these places, they are provided with the essentials of a normal office, with the comfort of a relatively relaxed and quiet environment. it’s the perfect place for freelancers to work! With that in mind, working outside will let you become more productive than when you’re working at home, and here are the reasons why!

A Sense of Discipline and Accountability

Working in the comfort of your home is something that can be very convenient for a person, but that doesn’t mean that it will bring about a great deal of productivity. A person that works at home will need to be more disciplined than your average worker. In fact, you need to be as disciplined and as strict on yourself as possible in order to become productive! Though this comes naturally to others, those that have no self-control can have a problem in adapting to a work-at-home environment.

Working at home gives you the freedom to do things at your own pace. And since there’s no one supervising you, you can sometimes let the time slip away and end up with a very unproductive day. People relish in their comfort zone, but they grow when they’re out of it.

Working in a place other than your home will bring about a sense of accountability.

Working in a co-working space doesn’t give you the same freedom that working at home does, but it’s sometimes a more relaxed environment than your typical office setting. the average person is said to be more productive when they’re relaxed and happy. But at the same time, they have to be disciplined enough to focus on work and just to laze around all day. Working outside already requires a level of discipline, add the fact that you are accountable with the work that you do, the deadlines, promises, and requirements, and you’ll find more than just motivation to do your job!

There’s No Invitation to Relax

Co-working spaces may be more relaxed than your normal office, but they’re way more proper than the comfort of your home. When you work from home, you’re always prone to temptations to stay in bed, to go to the kitchen for a snack, to watch an episode or two. All of these temptations are right around the corner.

It’s not just the temptations, but the fact that you’ll be thinking about them for as long as you’re at home will hinder your mind from focusing on your work! Working outside relieves you of these temptations, especially if you’re very particularly of your finances. Those who want to save money will oftentimes aim for the least amount of expenses for when they go outside. Being thrifty is one thing, putting an effort to save is another! When you’re outside, particularly in co-working spaces, the chances of you getting tempted to relax is very minimal!

Better Equipment and Amenities

Working at home, you’ll only be exposed to things that you have. If the time comes in which you need some office supplies that you don’t have, you’ll eventually end up going outside. There’s a high chance that you don’t have all of the things you need for your work at home, so you’ll ultimately have to go out to buy them, or go to a place where you have access to such things!

There are many places that are open to freelancers and those who work from home. Most of them are well equipped with basic office equipment and a few services for the comfort of those working! Working outside isn’t just about finding a place that’s comfortable enough for you, but it’s also discovering places where you’re able to be as productive as you can possibly be!

Key Takeaway

Working through virtual offices in the Philippines is a roller coaster experience. Some people would love to work at home, but are hardly productive when they do. With that in mind, remember that the best way in which you can be productive is to go outside, particularly in places wherein you are provided with the means to be as productive as you can be!

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A 28 year old who worked in the digital industry for quite some time. Handled social media accounts created digital content, been in touch with local influencer's and exposed to the digital marketing industry. Has deep knowledge when it comes to social media marketing and basic coding. Loves to paint and play guitar in my spare time



  1. Dale

    January 11, 2019 at 10:56 am

    It’s also great if you can sit somewhere in the fresh air and work at the same time. Being outside boosts your productivity!

    • Lex Reyes

      May 3, 2019 at 2:53 am

      I totally agree with you! working on open space with a relaxing view can really energize your mind

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