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Why are Hybrid Event Platforms Gaining so Much Traction?

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Hybrid event platforms came to light when COVID-19 hampered business outreach to their clients, customers, and workforce.

Businesses use hybrid meeting software to tap into their remote workforce and clients, allowing them access to business functions while they are stuck at home.

Now that things have eased a little and in-person events have resumed across all business spectrums, owners are considering sticking to this blend of a live and virtual audience.

In fact, businesses are working towards making hybrid events equally productive for virtual and live audiences.

So, what makes hybrid event platforms so meaningful in today’s context? Let’s find out through these five points:

1. Increased outreach

A business may not have the capacity to feed, accommodate and entertain 10,000 in-person attendees.

But attendance no longer remains a constraint when it comes to hybrid events. You can invite thousands of people virtually without worrying about their hospitality.

Virtual joining not only proves to be a cost-friendly affair but is also convenient for an attendee sitting hundreds of miles away from the venue as they can join from the comfort of their homes.

2. Better engagement

The virtual event allows people to reach out to the event administrators and fellow attendees as they would in person.

Sometimes virtual attendees can connect with more people online than in person.

Event matchmaking features allow them to chat with fellow attendees and build business relationships and general friendships.

With more people on board, your event catches more eyeballs as people today are highly likely to share their event experience on their social media profiles, and post the event.

Thus, virtual events allow businesses to access more people and convert them into recurring customers.

3. A win-win situation for sponsors

Like businesses, sponsors want to get their products across more eyeballs too. Sponsors of today recognize the value of hybrid events.

Suppose they acknowledge that you are using the best hybrid platform and conducting your business event amongst a large target market. In that case, sponsors will be dragged to participate in your event.

Unlike in-person events, where sponsors can only reach a limited number of people, the hybrid event allows them to get their product across to thousands of committed people.

As a result, businesses gain high profits by inviting brands to sponsor their events.

4. Better data collection

One of the sole motives for conducting an event is to collect valuable attendee data. But in-person events only facilitate a limited amount of data collection.

However, the case is different with hybrid events. You can ask thousands of virtual attendees to fill out the forms while they join in. Also, online surveys will be easier and more cost-friendly than in-person events.  

You can use the collected data to streamline business operations and tilt your policies accordingly. Thus, utilizing data to grow your revenue.

5. Best for medically vulnerable

It is 2023, and COVID is still looming on the sidelines. As a result, people are still tentative about attending in-person events.

The good news is that hybrid software provides a just and equal platform to everyone regardless of physical ability.

Especially for those suffering from respiratory diseases, in-person gatherings can prove fatal. Therefore, they prefer hybrid event platforms instead of heading to live venues.

Moreover, it eliminates the left-out feeling amongst those who want to join the event, but geography bars them from doing so.

Final Thoughts

Hybrid events are here to stay. They have become a standard benchmark that every attendee expects modern-day businesses to follow.

So, if you haven’t yet moved to hybrid events, it is high time you do. Choose a reliable hybrid platform and host your live event virtually.

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