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Better than Boring Ways to Tell the World

We’ve all said “Happy Birthday,” “I love you,” and “Congratulations.” Those sentiments are all fine and good, but, sometimes, we would much find the words and ways that better express what we feel. It’s often harder than it seems, but there are some other ways to express yourself to the world and the one about whom you care. So, get a gift and a card—or, even better, a banner—and check out some less boring ways to say what you need to say.

Birthday Blasts

Birthdays come and go, and sometimes there are simply too many people in our lives to remember everyone’s day. How many times have you fallen back on the now-common Facebook wall post, “Happy Birthday?” Perhaps it’s time to do one better. Sure, people appreciate a little note on their birthday, but think how much more they would enjoy a song and a big banner surprise with something more interesting to say.

You can be funny with something silly that references a private joke, or amusing phrases, memes, and popular culture references. You can dress up in costume to correspond to the birthday banner’s theme, and make up an amusing song to go with it. If you know the person very well, you might feel more free to be bold and raunchy. The more creative you get, the more genuine your sentiment will seem, and the more appreciative the recipient will be.

Spread the Love

bonne anniversaireI love you is sometimes one of the hardest things to say for many people, and it’s arguable that most of us take it for granted. We text emojis, e-mail half phrases, mumble it in the daily rush out the door to work, or don’t really get the words out at all. Maybe it’s time to break from the daily routine with the significant other or family member, and surprise them with a show banner that says it loud and proud.

Sure, you can say the words, “I love you,” and those will matter to the person on the receiving end. But, why do that when you can change it up and be more than normally romantic? You can say those words in many ways.

A love note doesn’t have to be on a small card or piece of paper; write it out in lovely lettering and hang it where they can see it when they come home. Find quotes by their favorite authors or films, or yours. Say it in a different, more romantic language. Add some art to your banner’s words, with a gift to match, and perhaps even one of the ultimate pieces of the “I love you” package: that little ring she’s been hoping for.

Well Done, You

We see “congratulations” on banners all the time. But like the previous sentiments, there are many, many ways to say you’re proud or happy for someone. Whether it’s a promotion, a new baby, marriage, or retirement, there are plenty of options.

Other languages are fun; translate the word, “congratulations,” and anything else you want to say into a different language. Online translators make it easy. Add cheerful sounds—“hooray!!”—and go crazy with the exclamations points. Find quotes of wisdom, a classic proverb, or just plain silliness, from great minds and great comedians, or write your own sentiment. Use words and phrases from the past; an older person might get a laugh out of phrases from a past era.

Speaking of time, you can make predictions about the future. You can “foresee” something wonderful and heartfelt, or reference something funny—like the amount of upcoming dirty diapers in the case of a newborn child.

There’s no harm in wishing someone well in classic fashion with a “Happy Birthday,” “I love you,” or Congratulations.” But, sometimes we overuse words, take them for granted, or have simply gotten a bit lazy. So, try spreading the love a little differently with a big banner that says something more heartfelt, creative, interesting, fun, or all of the above. As much as your loved ones appreciate the sentiment, they’ll be far more reminded of how much you care if you go all out and tell them—and the world, in some cases—in a big way.

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