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What Software Keeps Your Online Financial Transactions Safe?

Security is one of the crucial factors players go for when choosing online gaming sites. Online casinos had a bad rep in the past precisely because of their subpar security measures. Things have improved a lot today, with most online casinos offering top-level security that keeps your online financial transactions safe.

Sites from the global top 5 real money casinos list have installed a host of security and safety measures. These include everything from SSL encryption to firewalls. They ensure that your private data and financial transactions will stay safe from prying eyes and that your money doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Software That Ensures Your Financial Safety Online

There are many different pieces of software that casinos use to keep your transactions safe. The already mentioned SSL encryption is only the first step. Top casinos go beyond it and have a slew of other features and software that makes sure your money stays hidden from third parties when you deposit or withdraw.

Data Encryption

Without proper data encryption, it’s safe to say that you can’t trust a site with your money. It’s the first line of defence and a highly important cog in the security wheel. This software ensures that the website is part of valid organizations and legit operators. The SSL encryption certificate can be checked by clicking on the small padlock icon to the left of the website address in your browser. It should be green and say Connection is Secure. If it’s red, you’re better off looking for another casino.

PCI Compliance

The top real money casinos are fully PCI compliant. This stands for Payment Card Industry compliance, a protocol established by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council in 2006. It regulates major payment brands and helps merchants keep their customers’ transactions safe and sound.

Security Metrics Certificate

Any reputable online casino will go through a thorough inspection by companies such as Security Metrics. This is an extra layer of protection on top of the PCI compliance that ties up loose ends. A Security Metrics certificate ensures that the site has no flaws in regard to security by way of ethical hacking. This is done on purpose and manually, where a team of hackers looks for flaws and holes to be plugged in before the site goes live. Thanks to this certificate, you can be sure that your transactions will be safe and invisible to third parties.

Safe Login Screen

Many casinos use a safe login screen that ensures your data stays safe. Check if the site shows HTTPS in the address bar – the S is crucial as it ensures your data stays safe. A site without it may be more vulnerable to attacks that could expose your private data and transactions. The top real money casinos use this protocol which is relatively simple to obtain and prevents a slew of security threats. If the site is not HTTPS, it’s probably not secure and should be avoided.

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