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What is ICT and How Does It Fit within ITIL?

ICT has a big role to play in the IT sector. And when combined with ITIL, it can help you manage large businesses as well. Read further if you want to know more about ICT and how it can work with ITIL.

What is ICT?

ICT usually stands for Information, Communication, and Technology, or otherwise, Information and Communication Technology. And yes, these two don’t necessarily mean the same thing.

There isn’t a single definition that can be used to define what ICT is. However, the term can be used to generally refer to all networking components, applications, devices, and systems that allow you to connect with the digital world.

What does ICT include?

ICT is a broad sector when it comes to devices and components, so much that it can sometimes be synonymous with IT (Information Technology). But it can also refer to a wider range of components that are not limited to IT.

The list of devices that come under ICT is not exhaustive and continues to grow with every innovation. But along with devices, it also includes all the applications that are used on these devices for communication. And this is where you can find the real potential of ICT.

ICT’s impact on society and economy

With improving technology, ICT continues to grow, affecting the way everything functions. It has contributed to drastic changes in the way we work, learn, communicate, and run businesses as well.

Thanks to ICT, a lot of the tasks that were done by humans before are being done by the computers or robots. ICT plays a key role in economic developments as well. With so much to contribute for development, many refer to ICT as the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

What is ITIL?

Information Technology Infrastructure Library, more commonly known as ITIL, is a framework that can be used to improve businesses. It can help standardize the IT services that are best suited for your business. IT not only improves back-end processes but can also suggest the right IT actions and resources required to grow your business as the market changes.

A business includes multiple processes working together to earn a profit. And most times, the friction between these systems can give rise to losses. IT Infrastructure Library guidelines can help you find the best way to align each of these systems to minimize this friction and maximize profitability.

What is ICT’s contribution to businesses?

With the introduction and advances within the ICT sector have brought a slew of cost reductions, conveniences, and opportunities for growth. It has brought in online shopping and transactions, improved communication with customers, and also connected the customers to businesses through social media.

Along with this, ICT devices can help you get a feel of the market directly through your customers. The customers can give you live feedback that you can use to implement and improve your business strategies. ICT can also help you predict the changes in the market in the near future which can give you time to grow as well.

How is ICT connected to ITIL?

It is common knowledge that with the introduction of ICT, businesses have had a lot of space to grow. It can help businesses better serve their customers with its service-oriented solutions.

While ITIL is a set of guidelines to be followed to help the company grow, ICT can provide the company with the right infrastructure. ITIL can help you plan and generate ideas to streamline processes and ICT can help you place the devices and applications required for the same.

A lot of the times, ITIL and ICT work hand-in-hand, moving parallelly help the business grow.

For example, say you want to improve the quality of the customer service of your business. You can follow the guidelines given in the set of books on ITIL for this to reduce the response time and make the process more streamlined and organized. ICT, on the other hand, will give you the right devices, like telephones, computers, internet, websites, and other means to connect with your customers.

ICT can connect your customer service personnel to your customers, where they can raise their queries and give feedback on how you can improve your services. This feedback can further be conveyed to the top-level personnel to improve your current business structure. You can then implement these changes to your ITIL structure, facilitating growth and expansion.

Uses of ICT in businesses

ICT can bring in many positive effects to a business. Some of these are included below.

  • Decision-making: ICT can help you gather key information that can facilitate business growth. It can also help you predict what will be more in demand in the market in the future to ensure that you are prepared for it. This can help you make the right decisions to grow your company.
  • Provides your staff with information: ICT can help you and your employees keep crucial information at your fingertips through reports, memos, business letters, etc.
  • Improves communication: ICT can help you stay in touch with your customers and other people around the world that can help you improve your business. And it works 24/7, anywhere around the world.
  • Maintains a record: ICT devices can help you store details in a database that can be easily accessed. These records can be updated time and again and referred to in case you need any help.
  • Easier working: If there is some work that needs to be repeated, with proper codes and systems in places, ICT devices can take it over. It can also facilitate working from remote areas instead of specified office space.
  • Reduced manpower: ICT can take up processes that can be easily done by machines. This means that you can use the manpower of your business in areas that need more attention, like improving customer relations, generating new ideas, etc.
  • Decentralisation: ICT has also helped branch out important decision-making processes to local branches thank the headquarters. This means that important decisions can be taken faster while keeping the local situation in mind. This is especially helpful in MNCs working in multiple regions.

ICT has been of use to businesses for quite a long time now. And the benefits can be many folds. But just having ICT will not help you grow your business. You will need a proper framework for your business to work in, which is where ITIL comes into the picture. When ICT and ITIL work hand in hand, they can give your business ample space to grow, expand, and let it live for years to come.

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