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What Internet Speed Is Right For You?

fast internet speed

The Internet has made tremendous leaps in the time that it has been in existence. You can do so many things like communicate with people on the other side of the globe, stream movies and television shows, play games, download music, and find out the weather forecast two weeks in advance. You have many options when it comes to the speed of your Internet and you want to get the most bang for your buck by picking the speed that works for you. A good, comprehensive guide to picking the correct speed along with great prices can be found at, but here are a few quick tips to picking the speed.

1-2 Mbps

MBPS stands for mega bites per second, which is basically how fast your Internet is transporting data. This is a great speed for people that use their Internet to do some online shopping and check their emails. This is ideal for elderly consumers, it allows basic photo uploads and is pretty affordable for almost anyone.

2-3 Mbps

This is just a little bit faster and allows for a few more complex things. Videos or Music videos will now buffer and load quicker. You will also be able to get things to stream to your TV or laptop with this speed. This is great for adults with smaller children, who do not use the computer as much as a teenager.

4 Mbps

This speed is great for online TV streaming capabilities, such as Netflix or Hulu, which are pretty addicting if I say so myself. This allows for high quality, HD videos and a consistent and reliable download speed. This is also a great speed for someone who liked to download music or videos onto their laptop or desktop. This is great for a college apartment, dorm room or small family that is technology oriented.

6 Mbps

This is a pretty high speed and it can be used for a variety of things. This speed is ideal for only gamers. It allows for a smooth and seamless buffer that can keep up with pretty much any demands. However, if you are a gamer you should also pay attention to the upload speed that your Internet service is providing because online gaming relies on the data sent from you to the host server. So your Internet needs to be able to upload and download quickly for the best experience. Two Mbps is a pretty solid number for upload speed.

You should be aware that these numbers are estimated per device. This means that each computer or electronic that uses wireless Internet in your house needs to be added. So if you have a few teenagers that are always glued to their phones or computers or video game consoles (which a lot now use the internet) you are going to have to increase your speed. Ten Mbps is a great plan for a family full of data hogs like my own.

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