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Got a Slow Internet? Here’s How You Can Speed It Up

On a count of 3, we want you to tell us about that ONE thing that bugs you to the limit. Ready? 1…2….3! If your answer is ‘pineapple on top of a Pizza’, then we want you to know that some people in this world worship this combo. So, we don’t know how to act on this. However, if your answer is frustratingly slow internet, then you couldn’t have been more right.

Slow and ultra-lagging internet is enough to ruin anyone’s day. Imagine, what’s worse than being locked in your home and putting up with a poorly functioning internet that turns your work-from-home routine into a total disaster.

Do you know that your life would be way easier if Mediacom Internet was a part of it? With blazing-fast internet packages starting at just $39.99 a month, Mediacom is surely a catch that you can’t miss. But, if for some reason you can’t replace your slow internet, then there are a few things listed below that you can do to speed it up a little bit.

  • Wi-Fi routers often get very little attention than they deserve. Almost every household is guilty of having a router that is either inundated with outdated technology or is surviving on its last leg. Each year hundreds of newly upgraded Wi-Fi routers are introduced to the market. However, before you buy a new one make sure that it fulfills your needs. For instance, if you spend most of your time gaming, then getting a router designed for gamers would make more sense, rather than throwing away money on the one you don’t need.
  • Distance is another factor that plays an important role. Oftentimes we fail to realize that the thickness of the walls in our house can determine the strength and weakness of the Wi-Fi signal. Therefore, if you want a strong connection for your laptop or desktop, then try not to rely on signals too much and use Ethernet cables instead. Usually, the walls and furniture in your house disrupt Wi-Fi signals while Ethernet cables, on the other hand, establish a far more stable connection. So, if you want efficient speeds, then you must keep the LAN ports on your router busy.
  • Failing to set up a strong password could be another reason why your internet is performing like a snail. Don’t leave an open invitation for strangers to barge into your Wi-Fi connection, while you’re the one who’s paying for it. Always keep a strong and hard-to-guess password for your Wi-Fi. Go for a combination of alphabets, numbers, and special characters, since that’s the most difficult for hackers to figure out.
  • Your browser collects a bunch of information and stores it as a ‘cache’ every time you access a website. You need to periodically clean the cache from your browser or it will slow down the browsing speed as it keeps on piling up. So, whichever browser it is that you’re using, make sure to clean its cache every time you press the ‘x’ button.
  • If you like to download movies or stream your favorite series in your spare time, but your internet speed doesn’t let you, then consider switching your download and streaming activities to post-peak internet time. Peak times are when a hefty number of people access the internet together and it usually happens during post-work hours.

Don’t Settle For a Slow Internet, Ever Again!

Internet speed plays a massive role not only in helping us complete our tasks on time but also in keeping us stress-free. Since most of our activities have now been shifted online, therefore there has been a massive spike in the global internet traffic. This only confirms one thing in the coming time our dependence on the internet is only going to increase and to make sure that it performs at its best every time we use it, stick with the rules we’ve stated above because we stand with you in your quest for using a speedy internet connection.

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Nathan John works as Digital Marketer at at&t bundles and he has been working for seven years. He contributes in various online communities.

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